Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion: Cameras add layers not pounds

Fashion, ootd

About... 2 weeks? A Month ago? Sometime in the recent past my camera just decided to stop working. lens error. for. no. reason. Now, I take a lot of pictures and this... this made me pretttty sad/mad. Now, I have an awesome friend who just gave me his old digital camera, and that is what these pictures are taken with. Sadly though, I became spoiled with my last camera, and ...its just not the same. Cue me finding the funds to buy a new camera...a pretty and fancy one maybe even. Because, man, good pictures are important.  right?
Pops of color
Headband: Forever21
Dress (as skirt): Transfer Site
Striped Button down: Old Navy
Brown Cardigan: Wal-mart
Yellow Belt: Transfer site
Navy Tights: Fred Meyers
Fuchsia Socks: Swap with friends
Boots: LL Bean Deerfields

(The list is only going to get longer as the layer become more ridiculous and extreme y'all)

Multi layerMustard belt
Here's to me find a great deal on a bangin' new camera before I decide to photograph anything again. (So....hopefully SUPER soon)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Etsy Treasury: Where there's a wool there's a way

ohhhh wordplay. I cannot make any promises that I wont keep having wordplay on my blog. I can actually promise that I will most DEFINITELY have more wordplay.You have been warned.

...on to the treasury though! Gorgeous Gorgeous wool.  (click through to see the entire treasury fools!)

etsy wool treasury

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fancy Favorites #:15


DAVIDsTEA. New obsession.  These two flavors really are on the top of my 'to try' list: Amaretto and Strawberry Rhubarb

These Tops. This would in no way flatter me, but I still imagine.

I Think I may try my hand at making these cheesy crackers from over at A Beautiful Mess.

I love Nautical.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adventures!: Juneau, Alaska

Alaska Adventures

Over my 'adult' life (aka from 18 on for the sake of this blog) I have gotten many a chance to stumble out on adventures. From Small weekend jaunts to the Arctic Circle, Oklahoma  Chicago, and Asheville, to a month in Hawaii, Music Festivals (Bonnaroo and VooDoo Music Fest in New Orleans), moving up to Alaska, down to Minneapolis, and Back to Alaska again! (Psst. I swear I am not braggin', I am truly a lucky lucky gal, who has made some not-so-financially smart moves. Regret though? Nah, not my style.

So what adventure am I going to share this go around? One of the Glorious weekend adventures that I have planned spur of the moment, and am lucky enough to have friends who are just as spur of the moment as me: A 3-day trip in September 2011 to Juneau, Alaska.


Before my departure from Alaska in October 2011, I knew I needed one last minute trip in Alaska, being that I had never been anywhere in the Southeast. Lucky me, I had one of my best friends living on a boat in Juneau with her then boyfriend/now husband, and a boyfriend who was willing to figure out a way for us to use air miles and money to get down there. As Nick (the boyfriend) and I were figuring out logistics, I mentioned our planned trip to two other friends (Don and Glenna) who quickly hopped on board. After a very drunken EARLY morning plane ride (and no sleep the night leading up to it) for Nick, Glenna and I (how we got through security... *shrugs* ) we were in for a very hung over next day, in the rain. But, Man I was with all the people I loved for a weekend, and I could not have asked for better company.

The best part of all of us going together? There would be 6 people and 2 animals crammed for a weekend on a small (Yeah, I have no idea what size actually...) but, lets just say SMALL boat.
Boat Harbor
PhotobucketThe Boat Times
Top:  Our home for the weekend is on the right. Left: Nick and I in our 'sleeping nook' for the weekend....right next to the trash and above the cat litter. No one can say Trista isn't the hostess with the most-ess. Right: Don, Glenna and I..Hanging out?

You may ask, what did we do in Juneau? Well... we wondered around. And we got kicked out of the childrens' section of the library. And then went to the Museum and took over the kids section. And ended with going to the pizza/arcade restaurant Bullwinkles...where we scared all the families away. I swear families, we are not heathens, we hold respectable jobs, and have homes. Our outer appearances usually do not reflect this fact though.

Silly Hats
Top: Silly hats in the Museum. Bottom: Glenna sleeps on benches at Bullwinkles. Can you spot her?

Oh yeah, we also went to bars, beaches, and abandoned areas. Man, friends are cool.
The AlaskanAbandoned Town
Swept Away
Top R: We're all models at The Alaskan; Top L: I LOVE Abandoned buildings. A lot. Bottom: Nick and I on the Sandy Beach in Juneau. Exactly what you think about when you think 'Beaches' right?!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outfit-A-Day: Giraffes and Orange Tabby Cats

Campy Attributes Fashion

Orange Beenie, Outfit of the day fashion
I started out the day picking out a very standard Katie outfit before realizing I needed, if just a tiny bit, to try and remix it up. So, here is what you get world, a somewhat mixed up Katie standard. Instead brown tights, I went with hunter green. Instead of the ivory silk shirt I usually wear under this giraffe print jumper, I decided to do a chunky kit on top. and finally, though the though of getting rid of the belt crossed my mind for a hair of a second, instead I went with a skinny bronze belt rather than a thick brown one to top it all off. Man, am I versatile.(*ahem*)

Dirt road poseOrange Tabby photobomb
Nigel also decided to photo bomb quite a few pictures. He can't help himself, he is an attention whore through and through. Plus he gets excited when he thinks we might be going on a walk. Yes, he goes on walks with me-short walks-but walks non the less.

giraffe stumblegiraffe tumblegiraffe print skirtgiraffe print
Also, I thought I would share the progression of me not having balance, ever. This happens every photo shoot. and everyday, just in life.
Boots: LL Bean Deerfield (brown)
Tights: Fred Meyers
Jumper: Old Navy via the Transfer site
Sweater: Value Village
Belt: Old Navy (old)
Hat: Stolen from my sister

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Currently: I Need A Day Off

(Brunch Wreckage. Gotta love a Pump House Brunch.)

So, Usually come Monday morning I am going to try and do a weekend recap or a currently post. The thing is, most my 'weekends' look the same....WORKING. Yeah, see... I work the typical weekend, so my actually weekend ends up being a Tuesday/Wednesday or something. Maybe I should make Thursday my 'Weekend recap'? Only Time will tell what I decide (mwahahaha). Okay, that definitely didn't require maniacal laughter, but I did it, and that is that. *sticking to my guns*

...OKAY, And with that aside... I am Currently: (Stylized this week after Julie and Elizabeth)

WORKING ON: Updating this Blog. Constantly working on this, but I am trying to streamline the layout and clutter. I just got photoshop back (yay!) So, you may see some design changes over the next few weeks. Finally.

THINKING ABOUT: Spring! Yes, it isn't even winter yet, and Spring is on the mind. Trips are ALWAYS on the mind though, and I am hoping that I can plan a big trip across the water in Spring with some of my favorite people. Big dreams still, but it is nice to think about

ANTICIPATING: The next two days I have off! I have quite the todo list piling up, plus I am on day 6 of working straight, and really, my body is just saying no to serving tables any longer. Also, this weekend at the University of Alaska Fairbanks student PUB they are hosting a Campus couture Fashion show to support the Gay Straight Alliance. I have been asked via Arrogantly Shabby to help style the Runway models using all the donated clothing.

LISTENING TO: I just got done throwing Frank Ocean, D'Angelo, Discovery, Horse Feathers, Ben Sollee and The New Fiona Apple onto my phone for the car. It was time for a change up, let me tell you.

EATING: Well I am like.. 2 months,maybe 1.5 months...not sure, either way I am off caffeine  Yay! so Herbal teas and every once in a while a glorious Decaf Soy latte with Some Coconut. Also, LOTS of Breakfast foods. Basically, breakfast is all I feel I have time for now a days. Otherwise, On the few days off I get I have been making soup,A LOT of soup. I love soup weather it makes me so happy, and having a copy of Moosewood Restaurant soup based Cookbook makes everything just that much more special.

THANKFUL FOR: The fact that I stayed diligent through all the forms, hoops, etc I had to work through this year to get my Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). I finally got accepted, and will receive it later this month. Man, does that help me financially. PHEW.

PLANNING FOR: A winter of learning. SO CORNY, but man, it is totally true! Goals, here I come!
I may have been overzealous at the library the other day

Photobucket (My ToDo list in book form...)

(A little Nigel time is always a good time) (Recent going away party where we all dressed like our friend Angel, who is moving to Portland. Aren't the masks wonderful!?)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Goals!

IMG_2506, A list of fall Goals for my life on

Well Y'all, it may be about a month late, but I have set some fall goals (now just to be clear, these goals basically go until the new year. There will be no 'winter goals' come the beginning of December. There will simply be 'new year' goals that go until 'Spring Goals' steps up to take its turn. I am Glad we are all clear on that now)

So Yes, these goals. They are pretty basic. Most are aimed towards the same large life goal. I gotta admit, I tried to think of more whimsical goals, but my mind is so focused on getting the hell outta waiting tables, and finally making my move to make my passion a reality, that I couldn't move past that mindset. I'm sure a large portion of you totally understand.

*Learn basic sewing machine skillz: So, it isn't like I have never used a sewing has just been about 10 years since I have. I find so many vintage dresses, and just clothes in general, that I want to make sure I can do basic repairs. And not all by hand, just because hand that shit is time consuming. (I mean, just ask the pile of sewing repairs on my ground right now)

*Read five career oriented books: So, when I go to the library I tend to go crazy with the books. Like, over 30 books in one trip on one topic crazy. The idea of learning all about one topic sounds WONDERFUL. The actually learning and reading all the where the plan falls through. So, I have done my 30 book collecting, and so by the new year I would like to have narrowed down the lot to 5 important ones, and have read them. The implementing what they say may come with the new years goals.

*Read 2 E-Courses: I bought almost 9 months ago an E-Course from 'A Beautiful Mess' call Dream Job. I have scanned it multiple times, read small sections, but actually reading and doing the assigned 'homework' just hasn't happened. So, That is first on my list. I also bought a Blogging PR and Marketing Course from Kaelah Bee at Little chief Honeybee that I have done basically the same thing with. I respect both of these blogs, the women in them, and their work ethics, so it is time to put my nose to the grindstone and here what they have to say,

*Add dresses to my Etsy Shop: Teal Tub Vintage is ever evolving, with my figuring out what the public loves, and slowly I have found that clothing accessories are a pretty big hit. Well, I also believe that vintage dresses are quite lovely, and have recently stumbled upon too many gems to keep them to myself. I have stayed away from clothing thus far because basically, it is really a lot more time consuming then accessories or knick-knacks. So, it is time to put on my big girl pants, and just step up to the plate! I have recently acquired a dress form (though, I am ALWAYS looking for another if you know of one... preferably a small to medium) and now it is just the time and energy that needs to be exerted.

Alright, well... those are my goals! Wish me luck, and really just patience and willpower to follow through. At the new year I will write up a big recap, but I am sure there will be progress posts as we go as well. And with that some fails. 'Cause I know everyone really loves the fails....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fancy Favorites #14: Winter Coat Edition

Campy Attributes Fancy Favorites

I have a standard black Peacoat that is my winter coat. This coat has been in my life since high school, sat neglected a few years, and has been worn out since moving to Alaska and Minneapolis for my short stint. So now I have decided not to put that coat in retirement, but let it have some short breaks this winter by adding a new coat to the mix. I present to you, all the options I have considered thus far....

(downside to this coat is the only 1 or 2 buttons. In the cold, full closure is prettty essential.)

Man, and I am running across more and more each day. Soon will be the time to invest, just which one when I can't try them on before hand, it makes it so much harder...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outfit-a-day: Floral Denim

Campy Attributes Fashion

Deerfield Boots
 Both yesterday and Today have been gorgeous! Cold, a bit, but def. gorgeous non the less. In time I am sure taking a weekly outfit photo outside sans coat is going to become a little more extreme, but for now it was just another crisp morning, and I decided to take it all in.

This outfit is a bit out of the norm for me. Now, people who know me might not think so at first glance, but let me tell you why my mind says it is. First of all, I am not a huge fan of skirts. Overall, I just don't like how they fit on my body type *shrugs*. Now, I LOVVVVE dresses, but skirts, I could take or leave. This Floral Denim number started as a floor length maxi sitting in a pile of dump clothes. (actually, it will be feature in a Arrogantly Shabby Shoot that is yet to be posted...) For the Arrogantly Shabby Shoot I hacked the length, and kept it at that. Once I realized I wanted to make the skirt a more permanent member of my wardrobe, I hemmed the skirt all nice like.

The second reason (even if the first reason of me wearing a skirt got a little long winded and side tracked) as to why this outfit it a little different for me is my shirt of choice. Now, I love simple cotton T-Shirts. But it is a rare occasion that I wear anything more...elaborate? The shape and color of this are super feminine  and not my usual. Plus, if I had this shirt without the belt and skirt to anchor it down, I would be wearing a circus tent with  my boobs as the hoisting rods. yepp. greatttt visual. so yeah.

Otherwise, my standards are all over this outfit. Colored tights? check. Cardigan, my Deerfield boots, and a belted waist? Check. What I can I say, baby steps in expanding my horizons...

Floral Denim
Boots: LL bean Deerfield boots
Tights: Fred Meyers
Skirt: Vintage via Transfer station, cut and hemmed
Shirt: Old Navy via Transfer Station
Belt: Stolen from my sister
Cardigan: Old Navy (old)

*Oh and, yes... I am back to a darker hair color. Someone slap me when I want to go blonde on a whim again, okay? Just look at me and say 'upkeep'. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fancy Favorites #13

Fancy Favorites

Okay, So here is the thing. I am going to try and post a fancy favorites every Friday. FFF. You know. So keep me on top of this, okay? 'Cause I mean, everyone likes Fancy things. EVERYONE.

 Pendleton, and more Pendleton. Do I need to say more?

I really enjoy the style and simplicity of this vanity.

I love a good navy polka dot. and this dress is such a classic cut.

How BADASS is this necklace?!