Thursday, June 28, 2012


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The journey has begun, I have started to immerse myself in all travel literature... to be combined with language and history... Mediterranean here I come...(in a year-ish).
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo An Hour: A June Sunday

Photo an hour. I was skeptical if this would work for me, but I will say, I plan on doing one a month. Why? Because it taught me a lot about how I use my time, for starters. I mean, i am sure it depends on the day, but looking at my photos I realized my life revolves around two things: Food, and Junk (dump, thrift). Am I okay with this? Somewhat. Do I want to do a Photo an hour that starts at noon and goes until 10 or so at night? I think that would be a good contrast. But, Overall I know I want more outside in my photos... and less food? No who am I kidding... the food is staying.

8:45 am: French Press Coffee to start the day. Oh Coffee, I love thee so much.

french press coffee

9:45 am: And, now the food starts. I love sitting on the porch in the morning eating breakfast, or drinking coffee. I don't have a big porch, and have a single chair on it, but man, in the morning with the sun shinning, there is nary a mosquito, and living in the valley, that is something to be cherished. (Nigel also was super jealous at my attention to anything other than him at this point, so he became a model...)

Cereal and Berry Breakfast
Orange Nigel tabby cat

10:45am: As I am about to head back inside to get clothed and such for the day, I realized I spotted the first Fireweed of the season. Man, I have such a love/hate relationship with spotting Fireweed...I am sure any Alaskan understands.

alaskan fireweed

11:45am: On my way to town, I always make a routine stop at the transfer sites. Though there was quite a bit of large furniture, someone has also cleaned out Christmas supplies leaving boxes upon boxes of pretty color laying around

Christmas ornaments

12:45pm: SOLSTICE of everything I take a picture of what? The Hot Licks Ice Cream Truck. Later in the day ( not pictured) I def. got some Earl Grey Ice Cream. new favorite flavor? Easily.

Hot Licks Ice cream

1:45pm: Still at the solstice fair, Nick and I discover that we are sporting AWESOME blue Slush Puppie tongues. Keepin' it Classy 24/7.

Slush Puppie Tongue

2:45pm: Next excursion! On our way to Value Village, there isn't much interesting in the car... But I had on a sweet yellow sundress, and I always want to carry a worn leather purse. 

Yellow Sundress

3:45pm: Oh man. Value Village makes me so happy. I now can live the dream of being big bird. ALL THE TIME.

Big Bird Feet

4:45pm: Scrambling to get to work, I set up A make shift bed for my sister under my own! BUNK BEDS! I had found two very large furniture cushions earlier at the transfer site, and they fit perfectly in the lower bunk! I love when that happens...

Bunks Beds

...and that is where it ends. From this point on I worked for 5 hours, and then watched True Blood. Coolest lifestyle ever, right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fancy Favorites #9

Fancy Favorites

Oh, I think I will never lack and in finding little trinkets and Pretty clothing. I also think I am okay with this, b/c simply finding it, and sharing it, I no longer need to OWN it (not to discourage ANYONE from ever buying me lovely things I post.. AHEM).

Start with this Amazing dress from LuLu's which, granted would probably not fit my chest, but oh a girl can dream..

Then, someone got so smart and decided to mix Playing with your food and WAFFLES. Genius. I want to marry that person. instantly.

The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess once again pulled out a Rad DIY. I am now trying to decide how to make this DIY suitable to me and my style...hmm...

I see nothing wrong at ALL with Elycia's Birthday Outfit she posted. I would like one for my birthday as well, Esp. that dress and those shoes. MEOW.

And, I have been scouring thrift stores for a good Denim Jacket. This American Eagle one is just so wonderful and classic. I'll keep scouting...

Finally, in this clothes heavy edition of fancy favorites, these shorts from Modcloth are just divine. I love a good pair of shorts. Think about these babies with so many different tight color combinations under them. Swoon.

Okay, I promise for more art, crafts, pictures, and fancy things OTHER than clothing next time guys. really.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY: Girls Needs a Desk Chair

DIY Campy Attributes

I have been on a scramble for a desk chair for my new cabin, as my online productivity has been VERY low when all I can do it get cozy in bed with my laptop...which leads to me putting on Clone High, or catching up on some of my guilty pleasure television shows before falling asleep. Falling asleep does NOT equal new blog posts or Teal Tub Vintage updates, surprisingly.

Well, the other day I cam across a simply metal chair at the Transfer site, and decided to make it mine. So here, I present, the simple transformation:
DIY BeforeDIY After
BEFORE and AFTER. (ohhhh, ahhhhhh)

DIY Refurbished Desk Chair
Supplies needed:
*Any old Chair that you can remove the cushion easily to reupholster
*Spray Paint
*Fabric of your liking
*Staple Gun

Alright. So Kids, this is an easy, easy upgrade. First, remove the chair seat from the actual metal Chair. It should be as simply as turning the chair over and removing screws from underneath. Set Chair seat/cushion aside, and move into the great outdoors, or a well ventilated area. now you are ready to spray paint!
Coat OneCoat two
Coat One and Coat two. Let it be known, I am terrible at spray painting. My coats are never even, and I have lots of drip marks. Every time, without fail.

While Your spray paint is drying, and in between coats, you can move your focus back to your seat cushion. I am a fabric hoarder, and had this fabric laying around from when I Originally found it at the transfer site back last September. I simply spread the fabric out face down, placed my cushion down on top of it, also face down and simply cut out the shape of the cushion leaving about a 2-3 inch boarder. 

Now you can simply make your way around the cushion, pulling the fabric taunt, and stapling it to teh underside of the seat. (Staple gun. Best Purchase of... 2010? yeah. Best purchase, by FAR.)
Seat Cover FabricTADA finished Product
Images help to explain where words can't. I am both terrible at using my words AND taking instructional photos...

Once you finish stapling, and your spray paint has dried adequately (now really, make sure to let it dry. No impatience here kids!) You can reattach the seat cushion to the main chair frame by simply using the same screws and holes that were already there. and TADA! Chair complete!
Bedroom Snapshot

This would be the chair in it's natural habitat, and I can say I am pretty happy with the project? Tackle that desk you see there. I have lots of ideas folks, lots of ideas...

Friday, June 15, 2012

I was told I look 'TOO FANCY' today...

daily outfit

daily outfit goldstream valley
Ohh to be back in Fairbanks. See, that is what I have been doing in the oh...over a months span of time since I last posted. I have been moving (more on that amazing trip in a later post, I promise!) And since getting back, my life has been pretty busy! Finding a new cabin, moving into said cabin, ALWAYS on the look out for chairs for my place (a girl can dream of having places to sit in her home...), then not to mention the amazing shows i have been dragging myself out to (Fairbanks really does have such a warm and talented music scene!). OH! and then I went on a little side trip... and got sick as a dog! So now, in the recovery park of the journey, I decided I should get back to business. This and the fact that while out to get falafel today (back just over 2 weeks? eaten at the falafel stand... 3, 4 times?) Anyway, at the falafel stand, i was told i looked too fancy to be living in Fairbanks... The lady just doesn't realize the fancy underbelly Fairbanks has to offer :D
Daily outfit
Daily outfit back

Dress: Goodwill $6
Belt: Dump? (had forever... not sure really. But it is Lands End Originally)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Value Village Find
Sunglasses: One of the last items bought at Buffalo Exchange before leaving Minneapolis...

outfit detailsrunning away
Daily Outfit laugh

Oh man, Can you tell from my rambling that I have a bunch to share with you all!? I am jazzed by the amount of posts I have lined up! Get ready!