Friday, June 3, 2011

Ramblings: Tired.

I have been ridiculously tired lately, and it is finally getting to me. It is that vicious cycle... I work an average of 10 hours a day, during which I am eating bad. Then I am trying to workout now about an hour a day, then running errands, cleaning, trying to have at least one meal a day with my boyfriend (usually breakfast). All this adds up. And without any solid FULL days off, it's just a vicious cycle. I don't have time to cook and eat better, so I have to workout. I have to workout, so I don't have time do fun things after work. I am up later b/c I get of work late, then workout, which makes me sleep in.. To then wake up, cook breakfast for nick and I, then go to work at my first of two jobs. Repeat.

At least this time, when I am so tired, I can say I am accomplishing something... I will be totally debt free by the end of the summer (well Except For that one terrible student Loan... But I'll have that till I die..)

I have already paid of my car and cut my insurance in half, yay!

On another note, b/c of either my weird hours of sleep, or my bad eating habits during the day, I am having weird dreams, and dreams I actually remember again.

Alright, post workout adrenaline is wearing off... Bed time.