Sunday, February 26, 2012

Campy Attributes DIY Banner


painted Rug Tutorial

I came across a lovely tutorial quite a while ago at Design Sponge for painting your own rug design, and thought what a wonderful idea! I mean, have you ever tried to purchase any sort of patterned rug? RIDICULOUS. So expensive. 

So I decided, I must try this.  I was going to make some modifications though. First off, No buying a new rug at IKEA, when I was sure I could find SOMETHING at a local thrift store (and I did....though, frankly, I realize it is basically a table runner....but, this was only my first go...)

Second, I knew I had some old paint already laying around, and when i decided to do more than one color, I simply went to a few home improvement stores and looked for the cheap 'one off color' or 'already mixed, but wrong' paints, and SCORE, second color achieved. 

The only purchases I had to make were some fabric medium at a local art store, and a role of painters tape, which I went with frog tape (green) and it worked fine...and I have at least half a roll left, so plenty for my next endeavor!
DIY painted Rug supplies

First, I taped off what pattern I wanted. Now, I didn't think ahead about this at all...I just started taping, knowing I would be happy with something 'Geometric'.
DIY painted rugDIY painted rug

I then Mixed my fabric paint in with the paint I would be using, at a ratio of about 1:3. 

Finally, I simply started painting! I used a smaller brush since I was doing multiple color blocks, but if you wanted all one color, you could just use a roller for simplicity!
DIY painted rug
DIY Painted Rug

and final result?
DIY Painted Rug finish
A painted rug! (Erhm.....table runner?) Oh man, next time I am gonna step up my game, but am I glad to know it works!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inaugural Fancy Favorites

Campy Attributes Fancy Finds

I come across beautiful, interesting, funny, smart, (I could go on and on) things in life and on the internet ('Cause the internet is NOT life...) everyday. I decided once a week (or so...) I am going to share them with you all! I call them my 'Fancy Finds' and though I will try and keep it to a schedule, my life, generally, just doesn't work like that! But without further ado...

This outfit. I just love the colors, and I think I like the idea that it is something I wouldn't normally wear. I mean, really beyond some black work slacks, I don't even own pants that aren't jeans...You Should go  check out more of Virginie's Outfits on her blog!

Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky showed off this frickin' sweet watermelon skirt that she made. I probably should own (and learn to use...) a sewing machine quite soon.

All I  can say is that this is a pretty sweet one piece. Oh Anthropologie, if I had money....

Can we talk about how great it is that Blogger Kaylah at The Dainty Squid has knuckle tattoo's that read 'Cat Lady'!?!?

And finally this little lace number from Zara. I mean, it is short, feminine, and green lace. I couldn't NOT want it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aren't They Beautiful?: Street Art

street art banner

Needing to hit up an art store in downtown Minneapolis, Nick and I ventured out for a nice 4 mile round trip walk. Up until this point, anytime we had been in the heart of downtown, we had driven for one reason or another, and it made me loathe downtown with all my heart.  To me downtown was traffic, stoplights, too many one way streets, and pure frustration.

BUT NOW. I know downtown as the place with lots of little bits of street art. And this my friends, makes any city a bit more tolerable.

street art minneapolis
street art minneapolisstreet art
Street Art Minneapolis
street art minneapolisstreet art minneapolis
street art minneapolis

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ramblings: Coming to terms

The act of picking up this long forgotten blog and putting a lot of me out there to the world hits me from all angles. The blogs I personally follow are great. From fashion inspiration, to the people who truly pour their hearts out for others online, I appreciate every single blog (I mean, otherwise I wouldn't follow them!) 

Now, starting this blog back up....adding fashion posts, DIY posts, sharing things I like, putting it all out there, snippets of my life, my mood, my brain, my adventures, I love doing it, but I get these brief moments...little 5 minute panic attacks....where I go 'shit! no! These are MINE! these thoughts, these feelings, ideas, pictures, outfits, tantrums, ramblings...these are mine! no one else's! Hurry, take them all down, before anyone can steal them! (and really it isn't is honestly, 'before anyone can read/see/judge/misinterpret them!') I have grown up in the world of the internet,for the most part, and yet, every once in a while when I think about having a blog, being on facebook, sharing instagram photos, being on twitter....all of it...I just want to burn it all to the ground.  It is such a mixed bag. What gives ME the right to put fill all this internet space with things all about me, what gives me the right to think others want to know such menial aspects of my simple life? Another fleeting thought that happen in the same vain a lot: Can I shop at the dump for clothing and food, talk about loving wood fired stoves, dream of living back in my water-less cabin in Alaska, be 'one with nature' and still be SO technologically connected? Don't those contradict each other? (and no, they really don't....but in my mind, is one or the other, my mind says I HAVE to pick)

...I am still finding my footing with the newly vamped blog. There are so many great examples out there, and I need to figure out what my place among all them is... I am sure my place is just doing exactly what I want, and being exactly who I want to be, but I am also sure it will take me a while to figure that out :)

For some WONDERFUL, HONEST writing about managing being an online presence, your home life, ethical issues, and the such Please take a look at Little Chief HoneyBee's : Honest-To-Blog Series. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daily Outfit #1

campy attributes fashion

Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store....value village is a thrift store...the dump is a thrift store?
Thrift outfit Campy Attributes
Thrift Outfit Campy Attributes

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My ill-fated attempt...

At catching a picture outside work yesterday of the HUGE snowflakes we had. It was SO gorgeous through the shop windows...., but you guys can pretend you seem them in this picture.
Snowy Day Minneapolis

Currently Working On...

Some items I am creating for TealTub to sell, that I will share as a DIY post...
DIY Yarn Bracelets Campy Attributes

Another DIY that I am creating for just myself, based around an awesome glass octopus pendent Nick got me for Christmas...
DIY Pearl Necklace
Glass Octopus campy attributesglass octopus campy attributes

My bi-weekly art journaling pages (in progress) that I will be sharing with you along the way...I am taking the Red Velvet Art Journal E-Course!
Art Journal Campy Attributes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shares: I Want Them All!

Can we talk about how great this Etsy Shop is? I discovered it today, and it is just wonderful! All of these items...edible candy! YES YES Y'ALL!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Adventures: Bonnaroo Music Festival

Campy Attributes Adventures

As 2012 embraces me, I am starting to get a little antsy. I know I have a trip back to South Carolina this summer, which is wonderful, as I will see most of the people who make me happiest in the world for my friends wedding. And those I don't see there, I will see this fall when Nick and I Head back to Fairbanks to visit (all tentatively planned).  But at this very moment, it isn't enough. My mom is heading down to Mexico for 10 days this week, and my sister is going on a Caribbean cruise in April...with missing the Winter Hawaii trip this year, I am craving something warm. 

Knowing I have class and work that really cant be missed (oh, and that I am poor....really, really poor...) I have thought through my options. And what did I come up with? I am seriously considering (and seriously means like....60% a this moment) volunteering at Bonnaroo again this year!  

The line-up will be announced next week, so I think I am going to go ahead and put in my application as soon as I can. For those who don't know, I volunteered in the past for Bonnaroo, and have gone once WITHOUT volunteering. Both times = Awesome. Now, of course, having amazing friends with me both times is what made it awesome, for sure, but who knows...maybe I can convince someone to be reckless with me for 5-6 days again this summer. 

I mean, look at these photos and tell me your interest isn't piqued! Here are a few from 2008...
bonnaroo 2008
bonnaroo 2008
And then again in 2009...
bonnaroo 2009
bonnaroo 2009bonnaroo 2009
bonnaroo 2009
bonnaroo 2009
5-6 days of camping, falling asleep and walking up in the grass near whatever band you wanna listen to, making fun of all the ridiculous hipsters/hippies, amazing music, great comedians, SUN, graffiti, and happiness....and, if you volunteer, all you have to do is work a few shifts, pay a deposit, and enjoy yourself. 

So who's in with me, eh?!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aren't they Beautiful?: Murals

Campy Attributes Street Art

I love Murals. Well...okay, not ALL murals. But, an outdoor mural...on a awesome, almost always.  In the same respect, I really (most of the times) love graffiti. I just love the color and expression that these two things can bring to an urban landscape. Each day when I walk to work, I catch a  glimpse of the paintings below outside a local coffee shop, and they instantaneously brighten my day. 
Minneapolis Street Art, Campy Attributes
Minneapolis Street Art, Campy Attributes

How does Street art affect you?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hair: I got the Bieber?

So,  My hair was just getting ratty. It had been In the past year: Bleach Blonde, Strawberry blonde, Burgundy, and finally dark brown.  My curls were limp and gross, I was getting rats nests and love dreads daily, and I simply was wearing my hair up in a ponytail on most days. So, I made the appointment, and when it was being cut, I just kept saying 'shorter'. The woman cutting my hair was awesome though. She had curls, she understood I didn't want it at my chin, b/c of my already super round face, she knew I wanted bangs still, she knew I didn't want an afro. I had her style it straight, b/c let's get real, I'm never gonna take the time to wear it straight...
Short Hair Campy Attributes
Short Hair Campy Attributes 
And here it is after I let it air dry then took all of five seconds and ran a straightener over the bang area...
Short Hair Campy Attributes 
Overall, I am super happy/stoked. Thank god all the dyed and broke crap is gone!