Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fancy Favorites #11

Fancy Favorites

The DIY section over at 49 Dresses was shown to me by a friend the other day, and I must admit, It has my thrifty heart a beating!

Joetta Maue's Embroidery on Linen Sheets. I Mean, How Fin' Cool. I love when things are creative AND creepy.

This has changed my life course.

Best. Review. Ever.

And Finally, I am REALLY digging the floral Denim trend. A lot. I want all tacky floral, ALL THE TIME. the end.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something About A Romper...

So, I cut my hair. And realized how intensely vain I am. I also realized how rash I am, because as a rebellion ( to who, Katie? ..I don't think these things through) I immediately went to the drug store and got box hair dye. for bleach blonde. This turned my hair orange, which I knew it would....yet still did? So, then the kind hairdressers at Elements Hair salon fixed my act of rage...and, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I am left with. 
Sandals: Old Navy (old)
Romper: Express via Value Village ($ 3.49)
Belt: Dump find
Necklace: Stolen from Sister's jewel Box (stolen from sister will MOST LIKELY become a new category...)
Head Band: Scrap of t-shirt I tied on my head. That's a thing.

So I have a confession: I LOVE ROMPERS. Second Confession: THEY USUALLY are the LEAST unfaltering thing that can be on my body. And then, I found this one. and it was 1/2 price. so now, I have this great old lady culottes outfit, and it makes me entirely too happy. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

So, the other day I found this amazing painting at the Local Salvation Army.  Even the frame was bomb. SO, being the awesome Girlfriend I am, I decided Nick needed some new art work in his cabin (plus he needs MORE artwork in his cabin, b/c those walls are BARE. and Echo-y) 

DIY Wall Art

                   ***LOOK AT ALL THE DETAILS ON THIS BEAUTY!***
DIY Wall ArtDIY Wall Art

I decided upon an inside joke word that a friend has with Nick and I, and got to taping. Now, I forgot to take the image AFTER simply taping, but I simply cut/ripped Frog Painters tape to achieve the Block lettering you see below, and stick it directly to the canvas. 

Next I took some acrylic white paint, and a sponge brush and painted out the thinnest layer of white I could, so that you wouldn't totally lose the awesome picture int he background, but that so the AHOY in the middle would POP. 

If you find that you cant get the white thin enough to your liking, you can do as I did, and use a washcloth or rag and gently wipe over it before it is dry so that it spreads and thins out the paint even more.

After the paint has dried, simply gingerly remove the painters tape from your canvas and expose the original painting underneath!

In person, i decided that the AHOY didn't pop enough on its own, so I outlined the letters in a gray sharpie, which sadly does not look great in the picture, but very much looks great in person. Believe me, i tired to take photo after photo to show this result....but, NOPE.
DIY Wall Art

So there you have it, a personalized CHEAP (the painting and frame cost me $2.00; every other supply I already had laying around my house) as i was saying, personalized and CHEAP piece of wall decor. Isn't Nick just the luckiest?

(Idea Sourced from A Beautiful Mess. Man, if Only it was an original thought....)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Campy Attributes Currently

WORKING ON: Getting back on track... After a July filled with traveling to South Carolina, My mom and sister traveling up to Alaska, and then capping it all off with Traveling to the Southern area of Alaska for 4 days, I am desperately working on getting back into a groove of routine, money stabilization, and mindset. We shall see how that all goes...

THINKING ABOUT: What comes next. ALL THE TIME. It is a constant game of ordering this for me. First pay off credit card debt (again). Then start looking at houses. or wait, start figuring out what a 'real job' for Kface might look like. Then Acquiring said Job. Then looking at property? Oh and the whole making sure I balance life in general and friends and my boyfriend. Yes, all this must be balanced. Gesh.

ANTICIPATING: Currently, Ruckus coming home to Fairbanks (Yay!) and The Avett Brothers concert in Late August. Man, both those things make me pretty happy!

LISTENING TO: Lots of Avett Brothers to amp myself up, as well as checking out the new Frank Ocean, some Kimbra, and Beyonce. Always Beyonce.

EATING: TERRIBLE My days are a constant downhill struggle, haha. I start with smoothies and delish cold press, and tasty bagels, or something of the such. But my night fall I am downing my body weight in dairy milk and buffalo dip with chips, with a cold beer to wash it all down...

THANKFUL FOR: Being back in Alaska. And the amazing friends I have here. And the creativity I am allowed. And a super, super, super supportive cast of characters.

PLANNING FOR: My big move. and I have so many of them hidden away...(I mean, Large life decisions are all within a year reach of o man.)