Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aren't They Beautiful?: Coveting

Alright, So I have a few items I am coveting, and do not want to order until after I move to Minneapolis for a few reasons:

A) I don't want to have to pack this shit
B) I want money for the actual drive down to Minneapolis
C) I might fall in love with some version of these things in a store right in town when I get there
D) I might change my mind about these items (not really, I have been coveting, researching prices, sizes, etc for these items for quite some time now, and they haven't fallen off my radar yet...sooo)

Without further adieu, the items: (shout out to Kristen for scouring the interwebs and finding some great deals for me when I was frustrated with the results in size, style, price that I was finding...)

Nude Pump

Okay, so I don't wear heels hardly EVER, but I feel that a thick heeled (for my stability) nude pump would come in handy SO much (esp. in spring/fall). So I was trying to find the combo of my size, decent price and thick heel. These fit the bill.

These are the close I have come so far. There is definitely a style i like more, but I cannot find that style in the correct size without paying in the $150-$200 range, and that just makes me sad. 

Multi-Purpose Black Winter Boots

So the boot to the left, I own it already. I want the SAME EXACT ONES in black, which they do make. Now, I usually shy away from getting the same of anything in just different colors, but man...these boots make me so happy. They have such good TREAD. And living in Alaska ( and now moving to Minneapolis) it is a MUST for winter. These boots allow me to be cute, wear dresses, and not fall on my ass simply walking to my car. Yes please.

And finally, my obsession with the two fabrics of Lace and Burlap continue. Newest find:

All for Now, I suppose. I just have to share these obsessions somewhere, or I start to talk to nick about them, and get disapproving looks.