Monday, August 31, 2009


*And deep sigh of relief, right now.*

Whenever people would go into the talks of 'remember this television show? or remember that theme song?' being all nostalgic as if we were children not simply 10-15 years ago, but more along the lines of 50, I would always mention a certian show. My hopes was that SOMEONE, beyond myself, would remember it. NO ONE ever did. NO ONE. I could explain only a few details.

1) it took place in a department store
2) there was a mouse
3) there was a mannequin
4) that said mannequin came to life

...and that was it. I got crazy looks left and right, and in the end, began to think...well, maybe it was a dream I had. I dont remember it being a show I watched all the time, but I remember sitting down with my cousin Kari to watch it here and there. My only little spark of hope was that it was a Canadian show, being that we lived in Maine and got all the Canandian shows/channels, and that is why no one else I ever spoke to knew it.

I goggled. I searched. I asked my mom. Nothing.

and then, today. I was vindicated. I am NOT crazy.

I was scanning the blog 'Crap We Like' and all of a sudden, there it was. I about fainted.

Shares: Nailed.

I just felt these were Super interesting and smart.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ramblings: This is hard for me to admit...

Anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy little liking for the Olsen twins. I will never deny it, though I will admit it is unhealthy.

Either way, I was looking at some new pictures of the girls when I noticed something...Mary Kate looks...odd. Now, this comes from someone who never thinks that the girls look odd. But something is definately off with MK. I scoured the web for more images from the past couple of days...and something is wrong. I can find no gossip about it at ALL though...and now, I'm intrigued.

Do YOU see that she looks odd? (moreso than you may normally think it...)

Ramblings: I feel Crafty.

In Fall 2003, I started an amateur craft club called The Crafty Beavers. I'm the club president and we meet on a weekly basis. Felt is our medium of choice, and it's largely an excuse to smoke pot. --Amy Sedaris

I really am feeling crafty. It has been a while since I have done any redecorating, random crafts that usually don't work out, pack-ratting of things that I feel would MAKE good crafts, or plotting of crafts. I believe the last thing I made was the 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom' cover art painting that I bestowed upon my neighbor, Mr. Gillie. (it was great, really. Looked just like the cover...except didnt have that annoying little magical lamp in the corner.)

So now, what is a girl to do? I think I am going to scour the internet (imagine, me having time to do that while at work...never...) and find magical ideas, and re create them, or tweak and re create them as gifts for people. Yes, I am suggesting, that once again, I shall create all the gifts for christmas...who needs to buy things, gesh. I figure, if I begin now, I can actually put time/thought into them...

Let the games begin.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I will always be 10 years old in my taste buds.

I realized, no matter how much I grow up, the same foods as when I was a child, are still my favorites. Now they may be somewhat modified with age, but it all remains the same, really.
French Fries: THEN, Any fast food variety, covered in ketchup...or ranch NOW, Sweet Potato Fries. especially hand cut ones, baked. YUMM
Pizza:THEN, exactly as above. maybe a meatlovers, or add some mushrooms.

NOW, Exactly as above basically. I love white pizza (...oh the racism jokes that ensue), I no longer eat meat, and the flatbread variety is VERY tasty!

Mac and Cheese:THEN, the blue box of childhood. Not gonna lie, that blue box still is EXACTLY what I want still to this day, sometimes. Nothing like soggy noddles and powdered cheese like stuff. with lots of butter.
NOW, Baked mac and cheese. usually with a cheese other than cheddar. A mixture of cheeses really. and always cayanne spinkled in. or creole seasoning. And then, if I am feeling guilty, it becomes vegan. oh life.
Potato Chips:
THEN, just something to crunch on. The more neon, the more taste. Duh.

NOW, I am ADDICTED to kettle chips, first off. Second I love the salt and pepper variety the best. Third, to make me more of a dork, I usually get them in the 'baked' variety cause they are always a little burnt...and I like that.

Ramblings: This is heavy.

I think someone should go as Marty McFly for Halloween.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shares: Wise Words

"For me, growing up is realizing that Black Sheep is nowhere near as good as Tommy Boy, no matter how much you want it to be." --Max Silvestri

"Something that's been bugging me for years: the sequel to "Scooby Doo" should have been called 'Scobby Doo Deux.'" --MIB (It's not a quote post without some words from MIB)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramblings: HELL YES.

This is big stuff. People don't just come to Alaska, concert wise. AT ALL. I thought I was going to be in a concert free zone for the entire time I was here, unless I left and went to some show out of state....but I JUST discovered this, and shall be attending. yes, yes y'all.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shares: She made 'The Good Girl'. Sometimes I need to revisit that fact.

Cheryl: Sit right down here, ma'am. We're going to make you pretty. Now how do you like your hair?
Big Haired Woman: What? Are you going to do my hair?
Cheryl: No, I just need to know if that's your usual way of wearing it, all big and high. If it is, I'll just put more makeup on your chin to offset it. You're going to want to take a whole bottle of this home with you. It's got quite a lot of ingredients in it, so you're getting a good deal. It's got ginkgo extract in it. Do you know what that is?
Big Haired Woman: No.
Cheryl: It's extract of the ginkgo, and it makes your skin real slick so that any liquid will roll right off you, be it water, or lemon juice, or urine. I'll put it in a bag for you.

Cheryl: The first rule of fashion is you have to look weird. What I'm doing has come straight here from France.
Old Woman: Oh?
Cheryl: It's called Cirque du Face, meaning "Circus of the Face", and it's all the rage with the Frenchies, ma'am.
                                                Old Woman: Well, you're the professional.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ramblings: Brilliance

J.D. Salinger

...I have now read all his works--Catcher in the Rye, Nine Stories, Franny and Zooey, and Rise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction. Where Catcher in the Rye will always hold the title of favorite, the intricate stories he weaves in the rest are amazing. You cannot help but long to know more about the Glass Family, who are the subjects of Franny and Zooey, Rise High, Seymour and at least 3 of the stories in Nine Stories. your curiosity is provoked to know if Buddy Glass is in fact the writer, or voice, of Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye. just can always read them over and over and feel like there is so much more that you missed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nutrition my ass

This Pisses me Off.

..this is not an article on nutrition, this is an article on 'calories'. The fact that she has authored books on nutrition makes me angry. I hope she is getting fat paychecks from all the gross perservative filled fast foods she promotes. *soooooo angry*

Friday, August 7, 2009

Manic Pixie Dream Girls

...Or how I am about a year behind the times in this revelation.

Even NPR is in on this whole discussion.

And what about this discussion catches my eye? There are multiple things. Most of the articles you read are about how females hate this MPDG. But, as much as i raed their words and understand their point, I know deep down their hate stems from another place they cannot accept: They want to be her. At least, that is what I assume. Honestly, for as many times as I have heard the guys fell in love with Natalie Portman in Garden State, I just as much watched that movie and fell in love with her. Zach Braff held nothing for Natalie I saw everything I wanted to fall in love with, and at that time, everything I wanted to be. Does this still apply? No. But I don't feel the need to knock it now that I have matured.

...I dunno. This one (discussion) hits, in such a weird way, close to home. *shrugs*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shares: So fresh and so clean

After a weekend visiting someone with NO shower curtian, I discovered this site, with shower curtians that RULE. seriously, the majority of these are great. My favorite is below, click the picture to link to the website for them allllllllll......

Goals: My Italian Journey begins

Here would be where I am starting. With this lovely book for mothers to teach their babies Italian. it is actually an audio CD. The phrases I shall learn from it are AWESOME because they all deal with mothers and children. That means I will be telling a lot of you that 'you look precious'. Seriously.

Here Is my next step up, an Italian CD and workbook for children. This one has a really simple fun activity guide to go with the CDs. I shall be making copies and doing them all. I must complete both of these before I move on to my 'adult' beginners Italian 'Learn Italian in your car!' CDs.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goals: I shall keep you updated on my progress!

I have offically decided, I am going to Learn Italian. Don't ask why Italian...doesn't seem practical. I can list languages that would be a lot more practical:

French: Because I took 3 years in High School
Spanish: Because of the Mexican populatoin in the United States
German: Because I plan on visiting Kristen, and will be absolutely lost
Chinese: Because I plan on visiting Dennis, and will be absolutely lost. And it would just be COOL to talk in Chinese with him. and my mom.

..and yet, I am still going with Italian. *Shrugs*

I begin my journey today with a trip to the library. I figure, since I am usually very uninclined to learning languages, I shall get the books in the childrens section. They have sound recordings to teach your baby and young children, and then childrens books like Little Red Riding Hood in Italian. THEN I shall move on to the beginners guides in the Adult section. ALLLL baby steps.

Shares: Yet another I want to see...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funnies: What a Crazy Random Happenstance!

Minute 5:06. Priceless.

Shares: No Impact Man

“What if we called it ‘the year I lost 20 pounds without ever going to the gym once? Or the year we didn’t watch tv and we became much better parents as a result? Or the year we ate locally and seasonally and it ended up reversing my wife’s pre-diabetic condition?”

No Impact Man looks interesting. Then again, I love documentaries. There is also a article in The Times from 2007 about his and his familes journey.