Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Goals!

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Well Y'all, it may be about a month late, but I have set some fall goals (now just to be clear, these goals basically go until the new year. There will be no 'winter goals' come the beginning of December. There will simply be 'new year' goals that go until 'Spring Goals' steps up to take its turn. I am Glad we are all clear on that now)

So Yes, these goals. They are pretty basic. Most are aimed towards the same large life goal. I gotta admit, I tried to think of more whimsical goals, but my mind is so focused on getting the hell outta waiting tables, and finally making my move to make my passion a reality, that I couldn't move past that mindset. I'm sure a large portion of you totally understand.

*Learn basic sewing machine skillz: So, it isn't like I have never used a sewing has just been about 10 years since I have. I find so many vintage dresses, and just clothes in general, that I want to make sure I can do basic repairs. And not all by hand, just because hand that shit is time consuming. (I mean, just ask the pile of sewing repairs on my ground right now)

*Read five career oriented books: So, when I go to the library I tend to go crazy with the books. Like, over 30 books in one trip on one topic crazy. The idea of learning all about one topic sounds WONDERFUL. The actually learning and reading all the where the plan falls through. So, I have done my 30 book collecting, and so by the new year I would like to have narrowed down the lot to 5 important ones, and have read them. The implementing what they say may come with the new years goals.

*Read 2 E-Courses: I bought almost 9 months ago an E-Course from 'A Beautiful Mess' call Dream Job. I have scanned it multiple times, read small sections, but actually reading and doing the assigned 'homework' just hasn't happened. So, That is first on my list. I also bought a Blogging PR and Marketing Course from Kaelah Bee at Little chief Honeybee that I have done basically the same thing with. I respect both of these blogs, the women in them, and their work ethics, so it is time to put my nose to the grindstone and here what they have to say,

*Add dresses to my Etsy Shop: Teal Tub Vintage is ever evolving, with my figuring out what the public loves, and slowly I have found that clothing accessories are a pretty big hit. Well, I also believe that vintage dresses are quite lovely, and have recently stumbled upon too many gems to keep them to myself. I have stayed away from clothing thus far because basically, it is really a lot more time consuming then accessories or knick-knacks. So, it is time to put on my big girl pants, and just step up to the plate! I have recently acquired a dress form (though, I am ALWAYS looking for another if you know of one... preferably a small to medium) and now it is just the time and energy that needs to be exerted.

Alright, well... those are my goals! Wish me luck, and really just patience and willpower to follow through. At the new year I will write up a big recap, but I am sure there will be progress posts as we go as well. And with that some fails. 'Cause I know everyone really loves the fails....

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