Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outfit-a-day: Floral Denim

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Deerfield Boots
 Both yesterday and Today have been gorgeous! Cold, a bit, but def. gorgeous non the less. In time I am sure taking a weekly outfit photo outside sans coat is going to become a little more extreme, but for now it was just another crisp morning, and I decided to take it all in.

This outfit is a bit out of the norm for me. Now, people who know me might not think so at first glance, but let me tell you why my mind says it is. First of all, I am not a huge fan of skirts. Overall, I just don't like how they fit on my body type *shrugs*. Now, I LOVVVVE dresses, but skirts, I could take or leave. This Floral Denim number started as a floor length maxi sitting in a pile of dump clothes. (actually, it will be feature in a Arrogantly Shabby Shoot that is yet to be posted...) For the Arrogantly Shabby Shoot I hacked the length, and kept it at that. Once I realized I wanted to make the skirt a more permanent member of my wardrobe, I hemmed the skirt all nice like.

The second reason (even if the first reason of me wearing a skirt got a little long winded and side tracked) as to why this outfit it a little different for me is my shirt of choice. Now, I love simple cotton T-Shirts. But it is a rare occasion that I wear anything more...elaborate? The shape and color of this are super feminine  and not my usual. Plus, if I had this shirt without the belt and skirt to anchor it down, I would be wearing a circus tent with  my boobs as the hoisting rods. yepp. greatttt visual. so yeah.

Otherwise, my standards are all over this outfit. Colored tights? check. Cardigan, my Deerfield boots, and a belted waist? Check. What I can I say, baby steps in expanding my horizons...

Floral Denim
Boots: LL bean Deerfield boots
Tights: Fred Meyers
Skirt: Vintage via Transfer station, cut and hemmed
Shirt: Old Navy via Transfer Station
Belt: Stolen from my sister
Cardigan: Old Navy (old)

*Oh and, yes... I am back to a darker hair color. Someone slap me when I want to go blonde on a whim again, okay? Just look at me and say 'upkeep'. 

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