Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aren't They Beautiful?: Coveting

Alright, So I have a few items I am coveting, and do not want to order until after I move to Minneapolis for a few reasons:

A) I don't want to have to pack this shit
B) I want money for the actual drive down to Minneapolis
C) I might fall in love with some version of these things in a store right in town when I get there
D) I might change my mind about these items (not really, I have been coveting, researching prices, sizes, etc for these items for quite some time now, and they haven't fallen off my radar yet...sooo)

Without further adieu, the items: (shout out to Kristen for scouring the interwebs and finding some great deals for me when I was frustrated with the results in size, style, price that I was finding...)

Nude Pump

Okay, so I don't wear heels hardly EVER, but I feel that a thick heeled (for my stability) nude pump would come in handy SO much (esp. in spring/fall). So I was trying to find the combo of my size, decent price and thick heel. These fit the bill.

These are the close I have come so far. There is definitely a style i like more, but I cannot find that style in the correct size without paying in the $150-$200 range, and that just makes me sad. 

Multi-Purpose Black Winter Boots

So the boot to the left, I own it already. I want the SAME EXACT ONES in black, which they do make. Now, I usually shy away from getting the same of anything in just different colors, but man...these boots make me so happy. They have such good TREAD. And living in Alaska ( and now moving to Minneapolis) it is a MUST for winter. These boots allow me to be cute, wear dresses, and not fall on my ass simply walking to my car. Yes please.

And finally, my obsession with the two fabrics of Lace and Burlap continue. Newest find:

All for Now, I suppose. I just have to share these obsessions somewhere, or I start to talk to nick about them, and get disapproving looks. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ramblings: Tired.

I have been ridiculously tired lately, and it is finally getting to me. It is that vicious cycle... I work an average of 10 hours a day, during which I am eating bad. Then I am trying to workout now about an hour a day, then running errands, cleaning, trying to have at least one meal a day with my boyfriend (usually breakfast). All this adds up. And without any solid FULL days off, it's just a vicious cycle. I don't have time to cook and eat better, so I have to workout. I have to workout, so I don't have time do fun things after work. I am up later b/c I get of work late, then workout, which makes me sleep in.. To then wake up, cook breakfast for nick and I, then go to work at my first of two jobs. Repeat.

At least this time, when I am so tired, I can say I am accomplishing something... I will be totally debt free by the end of the summer (well Except For that one terrible student Loan... But I'll have that till I die..)

I have already paid of my car and cut my insurance in half, yay!

On another note, b/c of either my weird hours of sleep, or my bad eating habits during the day, I am having weird dreams, and dreams I actually remember again.

Alright, post workout adrenaline is wearing off... Bed time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures: Homer, Alaska

As exhausted as I am right now from working every day, and most days, I am working two jobs ( so days can stretch about 12 hours long without any 'personal' time) I am stoked for the mini vacation coming up.

Wednesday afternoon, Nick and I leave to head to Homer and Anchorage.  I have been to Anchorage many a times before, and was just there 3 days ago for work, actually, but my real excitement lies in HOMER. I haven't ever been to Homer, AK before. Homer is about, 4 hours south of Anchorage, and 10 hours south of Fairbanks.  I have no real plans for when Nick and I go to Homer, more just a visit to Two Sisters Bakery, and the Homer Bookstore. And whatever little shop strikes my fancy. And just wandering about outside..... The drive itself should be amazing, as the furthest south I have been is Girdwood.... We will most likely drive from Fairbanks--Anchorage Wednesday afternoon,

Stay the night in Anchorage with friends, and then Head down to Homer Thursday Morning, stay the night, head back to Anchorage Friday afternoon (we are seeing Patton Oswalt Friday night in Anchorage), and then hang in Anchorage Saturday and Leave Sunday. Oh, and bring good ol' Mr. Firmin Back to the 'Banks with us, as he flies into Anchorage Friday night :D Sorry if this was scattered, I'm at work, exhausted, excited, and trying to multi-task!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fashion: Wardrobe staples

As I was getting dressed the other day, I got to thinking about the items (clothing, accessories, boots, otherwise) that are my wardrobe STAPLES. The items that I reuse, over and over and over, in a variety of ways to make an out fit ME, and that I get the most bang for my buck out of...

(Which is funny, b/c though I will list links to were you CAN purchase such items, I do not believe I purchased any of my items, sans a few at the local Value Village for no more than $6.99).

Current Wardrobe Staples:

Colored Tights
Essential, especially now that I live in an area that has seasons. Essential colors ( for me) are navy blue, Black, Brown, Grey and nude. The brighter colors don't always work on me, though I do have a pair of neon pink that I grabbed at a swap. You never know. Tights are essential b/c they allow you to wear the dresses and skirts you crave year 'round AND to start rocking the shorts in early spring when you just cant wait any longer!
We Love Color- Tights // American Apparel -Tights

Knee High Socks
I would say it has been the last 6 months that I have started to get into knee highs. I strictly stick to dark colors, usually in the same colors as my stockings, or matched about (so navy tights, with dark brown knee high socks). Once again, I DO own a few pairs of printed knee highs i got on SUPER sale, but haven't found a way to rock them. they are more daring, and they make your calves look wider/bigger (and if you already have big/muscular calves it might not be what you want). I wear knee highs to add warmth to my legs in cold Alaska, but keep the tights/skirt look. I also use them for a little flair peaking over the top of my tall boots, or with loafers. 
American Apparel-Knee High Socks

Simple, Fun Wide Belt
Now, I love belts. I own... A Lot. I feel it is important to own at least 1 wide belt in Black, dark Brown, and a camel Brown. I also believe one statement wide belt should be owned, I own a black stretch belt with animal print clasp. I wear my belts mainly around my waist to accentuate it, but I also own a few nice skinny belts for simple elegance. 

L.L. Bean Deerfield Rustic Boots

I LOVE my boots. They are the exact ones pictured. I got them this past Christmas from my mom, and they are WONDERFUL. I made sure to put a nice leather protector on them, since i was going to be in snow and sludge with them, and now they get worn ALL THE TIME. I mainly wear them with skinny jeans, or skirts/dresses, but occasionally wear them under a pair of boot cut jeans as well. I just feel they are so gorgeous they shouldn't be hidden! And the best part about them is the wonderful soles. They have tread! I can walk in Alaska with them! I wont bust my ass!

Men's Penny Loafer
I have a pair of these, yes, Men's. I found them (though, mine are a little more camel colored) at Value Village. I ALWAYS look at the mens shoes section at village, most time they are better than the women's (Esp. if, like me, you are not one to wear heals...).  I got them on a colored tag sale day, so they cost me $3.49. I think they are great, b/c like the boats above, they can be worn with skirts/dresses, jeans...and added bonus, SHORTS. with a nice pair of shorts and tights/knee socks, or in summer bare legs! I just think they are just as comfortable, and a lot more classy than slapping on some sneakers. Esp. in fall/winter months. In summer, go for cute sandals! 

1969 Gap Jeans
I was lucky enough to find two pairs, in (basically) the same size of these jeans at Value Village. THEY ARE AMAZING. It is true what they say about spending a little more money on certain items. No, I didn't personally spend the money ($69.50 online), but someone did, and I got the good fortune of finding these jeans for only $9.99 each. What makes them wonderful? the quality. No thin flimsy fabric. The waistband is thick, so no bending and such from sitting down all day. They retain shape! the dark wash is always flattering, and they aren't sized like american womens clothing, they are actual length/width sized! thank the heavens!   They are perfect. and i will cry when i can no longer wear them.

Wanna see someone who's style I think is immaculate, and inspires me to not ever dress like a bum (unless cleaning, or camping?): Orchid Grey.

What are YOUR fashion essentials?