Thursday, November 22, 2012



Alright y'all, I hope everyone has a zillion and one things to be thankful for today! But more importantly, I hope all of you, near and far, are eating some might might mighty delicious food today. 

My big thanksgiving will be taking place tomorrow in the form of a 'Hook' (the movie) themed dinner party, and yes there will be plenty of pictures to come!

Love, love to all!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Such a Grown-up!

homemade Welcome to Mid-November! So exciting, right? Even more exciting is all the little changes I have been making to this blog and my Etsy shop! First off, I now am at Balla' right?! It makes me feel like a grown-up, basically. With this change came the fact that I consolidated all my online naming, and changed the name of my Etsy Shop to 'Campy Attributes' as well! I just felt that if I am going to have so much online presence, that I should make it a tad bit less confusing, and just try and keep things a little more ...together? cohesive?


Okay, so...even more exciting is the fact that I have am currently adding a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy Store ( and that includes DRESSES! I have decided to finally take that plunge into clothing on Etsy, so wish me luck all! I think it is all pretty darn fun, hopefully all those out in the world will agree!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LuLu's Alaskan Style

LuLu's Alaskan Style

LuLu's Alaskan Style by campyattributes featuring sheer tights

So, I recently Entered a contest to win a $200 gift card to LuLu's online, but more importantly, my winning styles could be featured on the blog Orchid Grey. I checked out my competition, and as of now, there isn't another like mine, but there are about 4 other really strong outfits.

*fingers crossed*

Monday, November 5, 2012

Currently: Rants and Rambles

snowy currently

WORKING ON: Getting Dresses up at my etsy store! I am having dress form problems  but once that is set, IT IS ON. I have already measured and acquired some great pieces...soon they shall be up, soon. I am also working on gettin ga new job! oh yay! Man, the last thing I want is to dive into another job right now, but man mine has become shitty. Excuse the language  but I just don't know how many times I can get dicked around there. Lots of broken promises, raises that never happen, and now apparently where a necklace with an otherwise required black scope next t-shirt and black trousers is too gaudy...and I was required to take it off. As well as my earrings. Because both of those change how great a server I am...we live in Fairbanks, AK Silver Gulch Brewery. Know your population.

THINKING ABOUT: TRAVEL. I am officially heading to Ajijic, Mexico and Austin, Texas for SXSW in Feb/March 2013 and am so excited! I will be gone for almost a total of 3 weeks. All around this is exciting b/c I have never been to either of these destinations, and I will be with people I love and adore at both! My grandmother lives in Ajijic, and has been down in Mexico living for 12-13 years. My whole (immediate) family is going as Christmas Presents to ourselves. VERY excited, getting to see family and explore new areas, SCORE. From there I will be heading to Austin for 8ish days for SXSW. At this point I do not plan on buying an actual pass as those are SUPER pricey, but friends who have gone in the past say that there are enough other and free shows that it doesn't really matter. I will be meeting up with friends their and (hopefully) crashing with them for the most part, which will allow me to save some $$.

ANTICIPATING: An AWESOME HOOK themed Thanksgiving with my friends! You heard right, HOOK THEMED. How rad, right? We are using the creepy basement of a friend and going all out with decorations, neon pies, fruits, roasted things, lanterns, lost boys costumes, you name it!

(I have always wanted to do this. I mean, DREAM OF DREAMS)

WATCHING:  A lot of the usual (New Girl, Walking Dead, Mindy Project, HIMYM) And a few reallllly guilty pleasures that can go un-named....

EATING: So, it is only day 5, but for the month of November I swore to not buy any food out! This is esp. hard WORKING at a restaurant  and I will admit to eating a pretzel for lunch yesterday since I worked the 12-8 shift... but I dint buy it! I feel not buying food out combats to things I need to curb: Spending ridiculous amounts on food at restaurants  and not cooking enough. And hey, it could be a handy diet too, b/c when I DO cook, I cook veggies (mostly). So, Let's see how this November goes! I AM allowing myself to have drinks out though....tea, beer, decaf coffee. I consider these all social aspects though, haha


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fancy Favorties #16

fancy favorites

I want her job. Okay? thanks.

Two New Blogs that I am digging big time:

First The Forest Feast. Great recipes, simplicity, and beautiful food photography. I mean, those are Gorgonzola Grapes above, what the what?!

Second, bigBANG studio. I feel in love after stumbling upon this blog entry, and from there have been reading back pages and now follow all I can. Such a gorgeous writer, and wonderful honesty.

I always want to wear a bad ass leather jacket with a REALLY frilly dress. Played out? I DONT CARE.

Are there tiny cats all over this blouse? Do I want my body in this, even though I look ghastly in shades of pink? YES all around.

With this bag at my side, I could rule the world.