Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures!: Mexico and SXSW

Alaska Adventures

The countdown is on! I have 10 days until I hop on a plane and head to Yogurtland! Then, after Yogurtland, I get to Hope on a few more planes, and enter the land of Mexico! I am flying into Guadalajara, and making my way about 45 minutes south to the town of Ajijic. My family meets me down there only a few hours later, giving me some one on one time with my grandmother (NiNi).

After a few days, Trista and Scott (Alaskan friends!) who happen to be down in Mexico the same time, are gonna scoot on over and spend a day or two in the area, meet the family, love life, the usual.

After leaving Mexico I will be heading up to Austin to attend SXSW with a bunch of other Alaskan friends! YAY travel! I will be hanging with these fine babes for a week, and then heading back to Fairbanks...but only for about 12 days... b/c you know what? I have MORE TRAVELS PLANNED. Man o Man, I'll filly in later :D

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sale at Etsy Store!

 photo adventures.png

With all my upcoming adventures ( blog post to follow, but man it is a big one!) I have decided to put everything in my Etsy Store (campyattributes) On sale for 20% with the discount code: 'adventures'.

 photo off_zps0a31393b.gif

I will be continuing my Etsy store while on the road, and when relocating to the lower 48, but the less I have to pack ( with thanks to you all!) the better, so I'm sure there is SOMEONE you know who needs a new little gift, yes?

So go check it out, spread the word to all, etc!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red and Pink Make you Stink

Last year I posted this same list, I just have...expanded it, over the year, as songs hit me, as I remembered them, etc. Either way, its a playlist full of love, from me to you.

Happy Valentines day world.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Currently: Musical Dreams

mountains, clouds, currently, alaska

I shall be leaving feb. 28th for over 2 months, and I am stoked.

All the plans are still coming together but currently I know I will be in mexico for 11 days with family, then 9 days in Austin for SXSW. From there I am planning out two separate options, and shall see which one comes to fruition. Either way, I will be out of Fairbanks until Mid-May and couldn't be more exited.  To come back to Fairbanks in Mid-May is perfect... time for summer, hiking, and all the glory that that summer in Alaska has to offer! As plans come together, I shall, of course, keep you updated!

In the Meantime, check out my Etsy Shop and please pass it along to friends!  I have a bunch of stuff to sell, and the more I sell, the less I have to pack up :D

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion: Chambray dreams

 photo Fashion.png

Im at this weird post where I am getting back into a good healthy gym routine, and trying to eat a little better, and so I feel like I don't have any clothing in my closet. By this I mean, it all technically still fits me, but most of it doesn't fit optimally. Stuff is either a little too snug, or a little too loose (as I bought things when I was not at MY optimal).  Then there is the pile at the top of my closet that all fit me once...but looks ridiculous on me currently. Oh to be a clothes whore...

Snow stripes photo IMG_1340_zpsa810684a.jpg

So, here we have a half-assed outfit. It was comfy, it didn't look TOO ridiculous on my body, and the t-shirt and shorts were only slightly too small for me. This counts as fashion, right?
jelly photo IMG_1344_zpsd2ab01d5.jpg photo fae06e66-2292-44e3-8801-da21f1c31764_zpse958f2f8.jpg
Chambray top: Buffalo Exchange
T-shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy (hemmed)
Tights: Freds
Socks: Gift
Boots: LL Bean (gift)

 photo IMG_1366_zps868a4be1.jpgnavy tights photo IMG_1365_zps8e5b2d33.jpg
As the weather slowly lightens, and my body load lightens as well, I promise a more fashion conscious Katie, b/c who am I kidding, I love wearing ridiculous outfits that make no sense in my surroundings. That is when I'm not in tight charlie pants.

Nautical stripes photo IMG_1354_zpsd6ce6e41.jpg

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bring on the Spring (Goals...)!

 photo a9e7d543-9c11-4f52-b630-675facc65ecc_zps6e9de239.jpg

*Finish the book 'Boss of You' and do outlined steps towards a business plan/etc. This book has been by far the easiest to understand in the whole business jargon aspect of creating something from nothing. I am only still on the 4th chapter, simply b.c I wont let myself read on/ahead without actually implementing the tactics they speak of in collecting data/writing a business plan for an upstart business.

*Keep up with THIS blog. I had just recently not posting in two months. I cant let that happen. Even if it is just two posts a week, I need to make sure the content of this blog stays current, find a voice for this blog, talk about Alaskan adventures/tie it into my work ventures, etc.

*I have at least 4 big DIY before and afters to do, that deal with my future shop. I want to make sure I get these tackled. These wont be until later in the spring, simply b/c a lot of t hem deal with spray paint, and I live in a one room cabin where it is too cold to open the windows and ventilate...haha

*and more on a personal goal level, I want to make sure I am keeping myself healthy/preparing myself for adventure club this summer. SO, I want to make sure I am going to the gym taking a yoga class at least 4 times a week. I have started this habit, but I want to write to you all at the end of the spring and be able to say that minus the 3 weeks in march when I was on vacation, that I kept to this schedule.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Goals [recap]

 photo 9f863989-e895-4606-95d9-7e447f3315ce_zps4ff78b31.jpg

Okay, so... I made these goals a while back as my 'fall goals' and I know you are all just dying to know how well I kept myself up on them....well, wait no more my darlings...

*Learn basic sewing machine skillz: So, it isn't like I have never used a sewing has just been about 10 years since I have. I find so many vintage dresses, and just clothes in general, that I want to make sure I can do basic repairs. And not all by hand, just because hand that shit is time consuming. (I mean, just ask the pile of sewing repairs on my ground right now)

(Somewhat) complete! I took an introductory sewing class at a local craft store which reacquainted me to a sewing machine. And with getting the chance to babysit my friends sewing machine for over a years time, I have begun to do basics like make a pillow, and try to take in a shirt. I still need a lot of work, and mostly just a confidence boost...which will only come if I keep practicing!

*Read five career oriented books: So, when I go to the library I tend to go crazy with the books. Like, over 30 books in one trip on one topic crazy. The idea of learning all about one topic sounds WONDERFUL. The actually learning and reading all the where the plan falls through. So, I have done my 30 book collecting, and so by the new year I would like to have narrowed down the lot to 5 important ones, and have read them. The implementing what they say may come with the new years goals.

Not accomplish! I DID narrow down four books that would be great for me, and skimmed them all, hence how I established they would be the four I wanted to use. I have in the last month purchased them all, so now it is just the task of actually reading them...b/c for some reason just owning them doesn’t mean I magically now know all the information inside them. PSH

*Read 2 E-Courses: I bought almost 9 months ago an E-Course from 'A Beautiful Mess' call Dream Job. I have scanned it multiple times, read small sections, but actually reading and doing the assigned 'homework' just hasn't happened. So, That is first on my list. I also bought a Blogging PR and Marketing Course from Kaelah Bee at Little chief Honeybee that I have done basically the same thing with. I respect both of these blogs, the women in them, and their work ethics, so it is time to put my nose to the grindstone and here what they have to say,

half done. I actually haven’t picked up the dream job course from a beautiful mess yet again, though it Is constantly eying me from the corner of my desk... I DID read the entirety of the blogging PR and marketing course from kaelah bee. It was very basic, but definitely made me consider and think about a few things that hadn’t crossed my mind yet.

*Add dresses to my Etsy Shop: Teal Tub Vintage is ever evolving, with my figuring out what the public loves, and slowly I have found that clothing accessories are a pretty big hit. Well, I also believe that vintage dresses are quite lovely, and have recently stumbled upon too many gems to keep them to myself. I have stayed away from clothing thus far because basically, it is really a lot more time consuming then accessories or knick-knacks. So, it is time to put on my big girl pants, and just step up to the plate! I have recently acquired a dress form (though, I am ALWAYS looking for another if you know of one... preferably a small to medium) and now it is just the time and energy that needs to be exerted.

Complete! I acquired a new dress form, sold my old one, and have been listing dresses, coats, tops, and skirts like there is no tomorrow! Even now I am still figuring out what people like, and what kinds of clothing I want to be associated with and to represent my company. I also changed my shop name to campy Attributes ( Like this blog!) so as to not have too many things going on by different names, and confusing people.

So that is my recap of the last goals. I know I said I would recap them after the new year, but Im a month late... it happens. Next look out for my spring goals, they are gonna be awesome, and seeing how well ( yes, I do consider myself to have done well with this last goal list) I did on fall goals, I am going to strive for some big moves.