Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion: Cameras add layers not pounds

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About... 2 weeks? A Month ago? Sometime in the recent past my camera just decided to stop working. lens error. for. no. reason. Now, I take a lot of pictures and this... this made me pretttty sad/mad. Now, I have an awesome friend who just gave me his old digital camera, and that is what these pictures are taken with. Sadly though, I became spoiled with my last camera, and ...its just not the same. Cue me finding the funds to buy a new camera...a pretty and fancy one maybe even. Because, man, good pictures are important.  right?
Pops of color
Headband: Forever21
Dress (as skirt): Transfer Site
Striped Button down: Old Navy
Brown Cardigan: Wal-mart
Yellow Belt: Transfer site
Navy Tights: Fred Meyers
Fuchsia Socks: Swap with friends
Boots: LL Bean Deerfields

(The list is only going to get longer as the layer become more ridiculous and extreme y'all)

Multi layerMustard belt
Here's to me find a great deal on a bangin' new camera before I decide to photograph anything again. (So....hopefully SUPER soon)

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