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Oh hello there! Get this: My name is Katie. A lot of people call me face (or Katieface, or Kface...you know, variations.) So, I have this blog, Campy Attributes...and another one I (used to) work on called Arrogantly Shabby...and yeah, an Etsy store called Campy Attributes That's a whole lotta online presence, eh? BARE WITH ME...'cause, guys...I ENJOY IT. really.  I guess I started Campy Attributes first, technically, but it was VERY different, and was even called something different...I have just now converted it. Then came Arrogantly Shabby, which (was) my baby but Ruckus (my co-author) and I had to call it quits. Finally, Campy Attributes (the Etsy Store)...but, enough about these!

So, you wanna know a little about me, eh? Well...let's see: I love to travel, and have traveled cross country numerous times. I have also driven up to Fairbanks, AK and back down (a few times to say the least 1, 2, 3), and then I have driven down the west coast, and finally have landed myself back down in the South East.

I grew up and went to college down in the south east, and after traveling to Alaska to do a stint with AmeriCorps (and staying for 4 years, with a small time out in Minneapolis part way through) I figured my heart belonged somewhere that didn't have 8 month long winters, and was preferably closer to my family...but not TOO close, and had the mountains and lakes I had grown to love. I arrived in Asheville, NC. 

Other things: I get sidetracked easily (see above), I change my hair color and style.. a lot..., I have a wonderful Cat named Nigel who has traveled to all the above named locals with me! I love thrifting, and dumpster diving (see Arrogantly Shabby for all outfits made completely out of clothing found at the local dump), and...well...just stick around to see what else!

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