Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frank Gaard: Poison & Candy

Frank Gaard Walker Art Center
This past week I made a point to walk down to the Walker Art Center to see a new exhibit  on Minnesota artist Frank Gaard, called Poison & Candy. I am a huge art lover, but overall love just letting other people take it in and form their own opinions. 
I really enjoy this exhibit, the colors and themes were wonderful, but Ill let you just take a look and make your own opinions. Enjoy!
Frank Gaard PantiesFrank Gaard Fuck Off
Detail of One of his portraits ( and also my favorite one... AHEM) and of one his other works in the exhibit)
When Love turns poisonFrank Gaard detail shot
Walker Art Musuem Poison & Candy
His wall of portraits. I want this in my house.
Frank Gaard Portraits Detail
This last panel is one of Frank Gaard's Art Police comics. There was another huge section dedicated to these, but I knew a photo would not be able to accurately capture the images. Make sure to check out Frank Gaard Blog for more!
art police

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