Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 before 30: #1-10

Campy Attributes 30 before 30

So, In recent conversations I got to thinking about small things that I always say I want to accomplish, or just try out and give a shot, but somehow they always get pushed to the back burner. There always seems to be more important, relevant things in the fore front. SO I decided to make a 30 before 30 list. This give 3 years to accomplish a list of ridiculous, glorious, wonderful things that are always on my mind. Most are small, but some are bigger feats and adventures I hope to sneak in there before I'm 30 :D

I decided that doing this as a 3 part series so here are the first 10 items on my list!

Glitter Arrow Learn to Ride a bike with no hands
Glitter Arrow Batik. I already own all the supplies...
Glitter Arrow Learn to Drive a Stick Shift
Glitter Arrow Embroider a Classy/BadAss Pillow
Glitter Arrow Make it to Moab, Utah to camp In Arches National Park
Glitter Arrow  Go Snowshoeing
Glitter Arrow  Learn to Cross Country Ski
Glitter Arrow Run a 5K
Glitter Arrow Learn to properly use a Sewing Machine
Glitter Arrow Start earning 1/4 of my wages online

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