Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cause little tidbits are entertaining...

1. I take pride in the fact that I have a heart of stone, though as I get older, it is getting chipped away at, and I'm not sure if I like that or not...

2. I quickly acclimate and get spoiled by technology, but am happiest when it all gets striped away... I just usually don't have the willpower to do it to myself :(

3. I used to think Lemon Sorbet was the best thing ever created. But not Haagen Daaz, Sharon's brand. But then I tried their raspberry....HOLY JESUS.

4. I get bored VERY easily in any form of routine. Work, working out, etc. I desperately want to get into yoga (my back needs it so bad....) but after a few weeks I'm just like 'oh man, this again?!'

5. I judge people upon immediate sight. It is a terrible, terrible habit. But don't worry, the people I rule out most heatedly in the beginning are usually the ones that win my heart in the end.

6. I didn't realize I had a slight lisp until i was in the 9th grade. No one ever mentioned it. I recorded a video for my friend for her birthday, and when re watching it was astounded that I had a lisp! When confronting my friends they just said 'we assumed you knew...' and my parents just countered with 'eh? we figured you'd find out eventually...'

7. In high school Jason Lee and Jimmy Fallon (pre-My Name is Earl and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) graced the cover of lots of my notebooks...yes, I know high school is a bit old for cut outs on notebooks, but all the same, it happened.

8.  I consider my food palate to be pretty refined at times...but one flavor I love, that I put in the category of 'trashy' food? Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.  I don't eat meat, so wings are ruled out. So How do I get my Red Hot fix? Buffalo dip...a lot of buffalo dip. Unhealthy amounts.

9.  I get embarrassed VERY easily... not in real life, but for other people in movies or on television. There are COUNTLESS programs and movies I don't find enjoyable because the pain and embarrassment they cause is unbearable. (American Idol and Meet the Parents are the first ones that come to mind...)

10. I eat spinach everyday. Okay, maybe 6 times a week. but really, no less than that.

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