Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventures: South Carolina for a Week!

Adventures Stories!

Well good day to you all! I am pretttyyy excited, b/c as this blog is posting, I am getting on a plane to South Carolina!

I went home over Christmas break, so it hasn't been TOO long since I've been home to see family, but long enough! The best part about this week vacation is that I don't have all these obligations to see people, which usually happens when I only go home once a year.

So, my plans for the week? (If you can call them 'plans'....):

Vacation List Have a Beach Afternoon with my sister!
Vacation List A nice family dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday! (And Easter...and any other major holidays I miss)
Vacation List Just lounging round my parents house. I cannot stress enough how excited I am for this. Just to be home. 
Vacation List Acting ridiculous with Jon, who I haven't seen in almost 2 years!
Vacation List Getting to see one of my best friends, Kara,  and going to her Bridal shower :D
Vacation List Teasing my sister and helping her get ready for her Senior Prom
Vacation List Eating at Cafe Strudel, and getting Pimento Cheese from Di Prato's both in Columbia
Vacation List Going Crabbin' in pawleys with Jon! (I've never been crabbin'!!) and then, if successful, eating these famous crabbies I've heard of... (and eating crab for the first time in over 4 years...)
Vacation ListSpend (the majority of the day) in Charleston, just exploring and walking around
Vacation ListGetting Frozen yogurt while doing all this walking/exploring....

Just a week of seeing those I love, eating food I love, and feeling the sun on my skin. A girl couldn't ask for more. See you when i return!

(I have plenty of blog posts queued up for the week for you all though!)

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