Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fancy Favorites #5

Fancy Favorites
 Well hello there! Another week, another round of pretty things around the Internets... man, I loove pretty things. I don't necessarily need this stuff, but it is all just so nice to look at!
i'm a big fan of 'Navajo' Prints, and these boots just look so comfortable and could be worn with dresses, shorts, anything. I just picture running around in them, basically. You can check them out here.
Seychelles Footwear has some amazing shoes. These are by far my favorite. But then again,  love the neon and nude combination.
These are wonderful! Stamps that look like Washi tape. I already have a slight obsession with washi tape, and the idea of art journaling and having the stamps make my heart jump a few times over. maybe even a back flip.
Beyond this great Print and lunch tote, I really enjoy the entire 'Ship and Shape' shop. (wow, that is a mouthful. ship and shape shop 3 times fast).

And finally, can we talk about these tights? They are some of those most gorgeously coloured tights I have ever seen. I am not a HUGE proponent of the big Ombre fade... but, these cannot be ignored.

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