Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fancy Favorties #16

fancy favorites

I want her job. Okay? thanks.

Two New Blogs that I am digging big time:

First The Forest Feast. Great recipes, simplicity, and beautiful food photography. I mean, those are Gorgonzola Grapes above, what the what?!

Second, bigBANG studio. I feel in love after stumbling upon this blog entry, and from there have been reading back pages and now follow all I can. Such a gorgeous writer, and wonderful honesty.

I always want to wear a bad ass leather jacket with a REALLY frilly dress. Played out? I DONT CARE.

Are there tiny cats all over this blouse? Do I want my body in this, even though I look ghastly in shades of pink? YES all around.

With this bag at my side, I could rule the world.

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