Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stationery 2.0

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DIY Stationary

I have a lot of scraps of things laying around my apartment; Scraps of fabric, yarn, paper, threads, every type of glue you can think of, photos, etc. When I received this bright set of stationery from my mom, I decided to put some of my scraps to use, and personalize the note-cards a bit!
DIY Stationary
*A set of note cards/stationery (mine where a gift, thanks mom!)
*Scraps of fabric (I literally have  brown shopping bag full of scraps in bigger than a coaster. Most just in shreds....)
*Glue (I used tacky glue, but you can really use most types I would think)
*Bright colored or fun patterned paper (I actually used paint samples that I found at a large home supply store. They were too bright to pass up!)
*Embroidery thread and needles

*Decide what image/shape you want to add to your note cards. I went with a 'K' for my name, and just free hand cut it out. I like things when they aren't uniform, so the differences of freehand didn't bother me. You could do initials, any shape, a silhouette, anything!
*I don't own a sewing machine, so I simply hand sewed all my 'K's to my note cards. I just did it at night while watching some TV with Nick, not time consuming at all!
*To spruce up the envelopes, I traced the shape of the inside flap onto one of my paint chips and used that as the template for all the rest of the envelopes
*After I simply glue the paint samples to the envelopes, making sure not to cover up the adhesive strip to seal the letter when finished!
DIY StationaryDIY Stationary
DIY Stationary

TADA! So Simple, and adds a little flare to generic stationery! What do you guys think!?

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