Friday, March 9, 2012

Shabby Lighting

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daily outfit campy attributes
Boots: LL Bean Deer Hunter boots
Leg warmers: A sweater I found at the dump and cut the sleeves off of
Tights: Freddies...thick, they are awesome
Skirt: Old Navy Dress
Collared shirt: Actually an old navy dress as well
Sweater: Dump find (wet seal though I think?)
Belt: braided and thrifted. I like 'em braided so I can get fat and skinny and fat again

So basically, I am sick of wearing coats when I am outside. I've just had it up to here (really, high, trust me). SO I have taken to just layering the shit outta everything, which adds about 2 inches in thickness to my entire body, but makes me coat free and happy. Daily outfit campy attributes
With the weather slowly getting warmer though, I will soon be retiring my customary boots for all the cute shoes in my closet I have acquired. Which is a good deal. and I am stoked. I am also stoked at the thought of this outfit minus the sweater, and leg warmers (AHEM old sweater sleeves...) and thick tights. Oh to be in the warm days of simply layering TWO dresses, and walking out the door...

Also, as I take pictures I realize I don't know what make up is. my tiny little eyes...

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