Friday, March 16, 2012

Girls Can Wear Bow Ties

Campy Attributes daily Outfit
Daily outfit
Campy Attributes Daily Outfit
Button Down (Old): Old Navy     Cardigan: Dump Find     Bow Tie: A pin from a Cardigan that I swapped with a friend!     Shorts: Old Navy (Old)     Tights:Dump...(first worn here)     Rain Boots: Thrift Find     Belt: Thrift Find     Bracelets: DIY Bangles (Post to come soon...)

katie robb fashion
campy attributes fashion
So I have never worn this outfit before, and just kinda threw it on. I am trying to go through clothing I never wear, and this button down is in that pile. What you can't see is that I ave it safety pinned twice in the bust area....damn button downs. Otherwise it fits great. Story of my life. The rest just kinda all came together!

I have to admit, a little over a month in, and I am starting to really miss longer hair. I think i just miss the versatility of having longer hair. I don't mean really long, just enough to play around with here and there. No doubt, I needed to cut it, and it will be healthier when it grows out with all the damage/dye gone...but can't it grow faster?

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