Saturday, March 3, 2012

outfits campy attributes

So this is something I'm gonna give a try. I have a lot, (sadly.....way more than I should...) out pieces of clothing that I never wear. Ever. Why don't I wear them? They either are not my usual style,  have gotten pushed into the back of my closet, or, frankly, I bought them on a 'skinny' day, and have never felt it 'fit' me again...sigh.

So, for this first installment of 'variations on a Theme' I take one of those pieces from my closet...and using a VERY limited number of accessories, I styled, and RESTYLED, this item. The item today?: A Pastel colored (I don't wear pastels...) mazi dress (Not a lot of 'maxi' in my life) that I found at the dump in Fairbanks about a month before I moved, and after styling it for Arrogantly Shabby (found here...) I never wore it again... Until now.

outfits campy attributes
I can't say any of this convinced me to keep this dress, but it is always interesting to see what looks are ACTUALLY flattering on your body, compared to what you see as flattering when you are looking in the mirror...(I threw out 3 other outfits...that...were...horrendous. I think Cher in clueless had something when she took photos of herself to get dressed in the morning.)

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