Friday, October 25, 2013

My kind of Karaoke Competition one where you don't have to experience the singing. Ever. At this point, I just assume you all have seen the Epic Lip-Sync off battles that Jimmy Fallon has hosted on his talk show. Oh, somehow you haven't? Well then, go ahead and watch the videos below first, the come back to me, and we'll continue this conversation:

 We first saw it happen when Actor John Krasinski (ME-OW) visited:

 The next time we got to enjoy the stylings of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant:

Okay, Now that you are back with me, are these competitions (and men) not what dreams are made of? It got me thinking though...If I had to pick three songs to partake in an epic lip sync battle, what would they be? What would my strategy entail? John Krasinski NAILED it with all three of his songs, in my opinion, where as JGL lost me with 'Tiny Dancer' but WON THE SHOW with 'Super Bass' as his second choice.

I thought long and hard (on and off for 4 hours while driving back from Asheville this morning) and finally decided upon the set below. And yes, yes, of COURSE I'll explain why I decided each was a obvious wonderful choice. I will say though, that this was way harder than I expected. I easily narrowed it down to a top 10, but from there I went back and forth a good bit. I provided a playlist of the top 10, all the same.

1)'Always' - Bon Jovi: I knew I needed a throw back, and a throw back power ballad can never go wrong. I decided on this one because it isn't as popular, but I've known every word to this song since I was in 3rd grade. Just a little girl ( matter what my physical appearance suggested), on the school swing set, belting this song out with her best friend during recess. #truthballad

2)'B.O.B.' -Outkast: I believe it was the summer before entering my freshman year of college that my BFF4L and I decided we were going to learn every word to this ridiculous song. I got as far as the first verse, and really, for this competition that is enough. It seems you need to have a token 'rap' to throw in the mix, and where Ol' Dirty Bastard 'Got Your Money' was a close second, the ridiculous speed of this rap won me over, so I could show off my mad skillZ.

3)'Only Girl (In the World) - Rihanna: As far as the 'pop' standards go, this would be where I had the hardest time. I ruled out a few classics, feeling that I needed something a little newer (classics being before the year 2005, like all classics are classified). This song stood out over the few that were left simply because I pictured myself dropping to my knees during the chorus, begging the world to love me. It didn't take much to picture this, mind you, as I have done it at more than a few dance parties. Knee dropping emotion would also be why I saved it as my finale. Solid move, right?

Runners Up: 
'Call Your Girlfriend' -Robyn; 'P.Y.T. -Michael Jackson; 'Countdown' -Beyonce; 'Got Your Money' -O.D.B; 'Brand New Key' -Melanie; 'Don't Take It Personal' -Monica; 'Free Your Mind' -En Vogue.

So, what would be in your top three? I want at LEAST 15 minutes of thought put into this people. No whilly nilly work going on here.

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