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Adventures!: Hatchers pass Hike x2

Alaska Adventures

When I've gone a long stretch of not having any sort of adventures (ohhh summer 2013. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE) I get all nostalgic like, and start dreaming of my old adventures. I thought since I was already dreamin' I should maybe articulate some of those thoughts into a new adventures post, because Sharing IS Caring.

So sit down churrin' and let me tell you of the times I hiked my favorite spot in Alaska, a magical place north of Anchorage named Hatchers Pass. *ohhhhh ahhhh*

 photo 203aeec4-33c5-4da2-9860-4240378adb8f_zpsff1aad2b.jpg
The first time I went hiking on Hatchers Pass was August of 2009. I wasn't even a year into living in Alaska, and had been down in Anchorage visiting other AmeriCorps VISTA members, as well as having my rad friends Matt and Krista up from the lower 48 to visit and explore with me. One of the Anchorage VISTAS was all about the hiking and suggested Hatchers Pass, which I had never heard of, but was totally game. A group of 8 of us headed out, and man it was magical. As I have learned from most Alaskan outdoor experiences, words usually don't do the justice that pictures can, so I present to you my first journey:

Hatchers Pass start photo DSCF2106_zps32638278.jpgmatt and Krista hike photo DSCF2109_zps90bb163f.jpg
The view from the trail head and The group as we begin our hike. For the first hike we headed out in EARLY August, and it couldn't have been better timing. The Fireweed was in full force, and everything was so green and lush it seemed like Dinosaurs should be behind each dome, and frolicking in the valleys. But, I kinda think that about Dinosaurs on EVERY hike I go on. SO WHAT, I want Dinosaur hikes. Doesn't everyone?
Hiking Hatchers Pass photo IMG_2193_zps9ca4c838.jpg
Hatchers pass august photo DSCF2156_zpse772f18f.jpgHatchers beauty photo DSCF2134_zps661cc569.jpg
At the end of the 'trail' (used VERY lightly), there is the most awesome, glowing, glacial lake. Doesn't it just look so inviting? It is ALSO cold. as. shit. but, it's a glacial lake, and you've now been hiking for 5 miles, and know you have 5 miles back. Basically, you HAVE to jump in. But because of the aforementioned 5 miles hike back it means you have to jump in sans clothes. It all makes sense in the end. I only use logic. 
Glacial Lakes photo DSCF2141_zps479cbbc8.jpgGlacial Swim photo DSCF2144_zpscaaf93c0.jpg
Shadow dancer photo IMG_2215_zps636a7bef.jpg

So, in the end, the trip was glorious, and I talked about the hike year after year. Finally, in August 2012 my sister came to visit me in Alaska, and we were down in the Anchorage area to see The Avett Brothers at the Alaska State Fair. I knew it was meant to be, and since I had another willing group of 6 or so people, we headed out to hike Hatchers Pass once more! (I want to note, that I know I keep saying Hatchers Pass, but the exact trail we hiked was the Reed Lakes Trail. for clarification purposes.)

 photo 6116f5c0-446e-490f-9304-c5540d847eca_zps5ca3e13c.jpg
Hatchers Pass August photo IMG_3963_zps45153cc4.jpg
There is definitely a different tone to these pictures than the last grouping. It was LATE August this time when we went, so it was significantly cooler than 3 years prior, plus it was just sort of an overcast gloomy day. In the end though, it was none-the-less magical.

(We still swam, I kinda said we HAD to, even though it was a little chilly to begin with. But COME ON, glacial lake swimming. It doesn't happen everyday. And I think I just like making people strip. *shrugs*)

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