Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Currently: Have I moved yet? How about now?

 photo ac54bae3-460d-4daa-ba89-624d24f4b111_zpseeb0f244.jpg

DREAMING ABOUT: Moving! You will see this theme throughout this entire update post. It is all about moving. Well, that and some general traveling. I move to Asheville, NC in less than two weeks, and I am STOKED. Hayley and I went up a week ago and scouted out places to live, and narrowed it down to three. We are making final decisions as we speak, and will apply before we head out to Seattle...

fields of cotton photo IMG_1183_zps3b868f1e.jpg
Cotton fields on the way home from Asheville, NC. Oh the south.

TRAVELING TO: So, yes. Seattle. Mom, Hayley and I are traveling to Seattle tomorrow for our cousins wedding! I am really excited, because there is no doubt that it will be gorgeous, and love filled. A bunch of our family (cousins and such) are all meeting there (some I haven't seen in 5 years or so) and so it shall be wonderful! I am lucky to have an amazing amazing family, and don't feel shame bragging about it! The wedding is on Saturday, and the rest of the time will just be laughing. all. the. time.

Midtown Music Festival photo IMG_1107_zpse4a9af26.jpgSister Love photo IMG_1108_zps956c001e.jpg
Pictures from the rainy mess that was Mid Town Music Festival in Atlanta back in September.

FIGURING OUT: The above mentioned apartment situation, how to pack all our shit into two cars (we def. will be taking another load of items back with us when we come home for Thanksgiving), I will be leaving Nigel (again, sigh) at home with my parents until Christmas, just to avoid the ridiculous pet deposits ($300 NON REFUNDABLE) in the beginning, so we have more money to get settled in. Also there is that whole, getting an job aspect, but who worries about things like that? PSH.

90s love photo IMG_1181_zpsb7705740.jpgBuffalo Chicken Tatchoes photo IMG_1109_zps2cd71406.jpg
Floral, combat like boots, and thick pastel socks. I will never leave the 90's. And Also, these are buffalo chicken TOTCHOS. Hayley got them in ATL and I learned that totchos are a thing...

READING: I just finished all the 'Divergent' Series (Yay for more YA literature!)(It's very Hunger Games esque, but in my opinion, better), and am currently reading the sequel to 'The Sparrow' called 'Children of God' which I am really excited about. The Sparrow was a book I would have never picked up on my own, but recommended to me a few years ago, and is an amazing story that deals with humanity, religion, and science fiction aspects. I hope the sequel lives up to it. Otherwise, I have picked up a compilation of poems and short stories curated by Nick Flynn, who I discovered through his collection of poems called 'Blind Huber' which is excellent.


  1. "Totchos"? I just saw the same thing with french fries on a health blog...

    NICK FLYNN IS AMAZING!!!! AHHHHH! I love him so much! Have you checked out Robert Bringhurst? He would KILL YOU. Or maybe it's just me, but like Thoreau and Frost I read and re-read him over and over.

    I'm really excited about Asheville for you guys! YES! PICTURES!

    It brings me joy that in your 'outfit' photo, I can see the top of your tights. Like usual. And cotton fields? How strange to see that. So strange.

    1. Everyone knows the tops of the tights are the money maker. Like the antiquated ankle.


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