Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ramblings: A Review, If You Will.

Okay, so I am going to revisit a little post I wrote a bit back, found (here). Now, I guess you can't really say I 'wrote' a post, b/c all I did was slap two movie posters up, and exclaim that I was excited in the heading, eh...
Anyway, for sake of story, and blog entry, I am revisiting that 'written' entry to review the two movies I have now seen. Why? Because it is a classic Katie movie to over-hype and get WAY too excited about movies, only to have them terribly let her down. terribly.

So first, Where the Wild Things Are. I will start by saying, I liked it. Really. I think a lot of people didn't, I know some of the people I personally went with were pissed off at the movie,and the characters, but I did actually like it. Now with that said, I liked it for all different reasons than I thought I would, and I seperated it from my childhood love. I thought it was pretty....Spike Jonze did not dissapoint there. I did not like a good bit of the fast moving camera work, i think it was dizzying, and distracting, but the lands and the images were brillant.

I did not like the use of Karen O for soundtrack. I think it was unfair to so brilliantly meld together Arcade Fire and the movie in the trailers, and then stick us with Karen O for the movie. It left me wanting more...definately lacking.

The biggest complaint you hear is that the movie was sad. Yes, it was. But that doesnt mean it wasnt good! It was sad. But  thought the characters were well played, and developed. and yes, I wanted to yell at them like a parent at times to 'stop it!' i think that means it was all so well done, impressive even. I liked it. I was sad with them, frustrated with them, happy with them. Isn't that what a movie is supposed to be?

Now for Away We Go. I was a bit disppointed with this movie. and at the same time, I wasn't. I don't know what I expected of it...John Krasanski was super loveable, and possed wonderful traits, that I found extremely likeable and realistic. (I even called my friend Daniel to tell him that the character reminded me of all the best traits that Danny possess. true story.) Mya Rudolph did great too, very believeable, you could see the lvoe, etc. The side characters were all pretty extremeist...which may have been the flaw. They made the couple seem too normal, and hey they were and weren't. But those other people...yeah they might have seemed kinda douche like, but you have to remember they are normal too. I dunno. I didn't like how polarized it was.

...okay, just thought I should revisit that. done and done. (ps. still havent seen this. still excited.)

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