Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ramblings: Deal Breakers (The Good Kind...)

I can be a quirky girl, and there are certain little things that I have gathered in my life, that have become deal breakers. When I say 'Deal Breakers' I simply mean that these are things that if you are aware of, there is an exponentially larger chance I will look at you as becoming my BFF, or asking for your hand in marriage immediately. Adversely, if you are NOT aware of these things, I will not look down upon you...I have another list for that. :D

With that stated, I will say most of these things are simply things, or ideas, I love. I tend to romanticize life, and I think that also plays a large part in this whole endeavor. Bear with me.

1) Anyone who has known me a considerable amount of time, knows this one: If I was ever presented with a FULL-SIZED sunflower (none of this potted shit. I want a single stalk that is almost as tall as me, with a flower on the end comparable to my head size, I don't care how abnormal), If presented,  would marry said person on the spot. Or think of them as the best person in the world, ever. That being said, it is also my dream marriage proposal. Way to take the spontaneity out of that one, eh?

2) I have just 'purchased' (I say this loosely, b/c really my mom has purchased for me for christmas, but I picked it out, engraved it, and sent it her way to simply buy) an iPod. I am finally entering the 2000s it seems. Anyway, I have had this iPod engraved on the back with one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite authors, JD Salinger. Upon meeting me, and then seeing/reading this quote on my iPod, they will be able to tell me immediately what it is from, and what character it is by. The quote reads: "John Keats/John Keats/John/ Please put your scarf on."

3) There are certiain things you grow up with that only you find cool. This is, by all means, one of them. I know every word to the song 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' by Meatloaf. It is a duet, actually...though the female voice is...? That being said, if was sitting in a car, and someone knew this song (specifically the male portion, but either part really) and started singing it with me, duet style, I would definitely be more apt to consider their friendship. I have actually had this happen once before, and true to my word, I did look upon them with more reverence after the fact. But, I soon learned, no one, even Meatloaf duet singers, are perfect.

4) This is a specific male quality. If you call me up out of the blue/ask me over for some reason/come to my house with intent to/ sing and play 'Everlong' (the Acoustic version) by the Foo Fighters, I will mostly likely swoon on the spot, and let you do unseemly things to me the rest of the evening. I have had this also done to me once before (the singing...), but alas was in high school at the time, therefore super awkward, and still yet to have kissed anyone, let along have them do shameful things with me. Now, you might say, doesn't that ruin it, the sweetness, etc, that someone has already done this once for me? No I answer. It was done very crassly (meaning, hurriedly) and was followed up (this was over the phone) by such a ridiculous conversation by such a slack ass (and I knew him to be one at the time, not one of those 'later he reveled himself to be a slack ass') that though my heart grew 3 times it size, the action is outright considered null and void.

..I am sure there are more lurking in my brain. When they appear, I shall note them. And without realizing it, I definately ranked these in order of importance and value related to the awe you shall inspire within me.

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