Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I will always be 10 years old in my taste buds.

I realized, no matter how much I grow up, the same foods as when I was a child, are still my favorites. Now they may be somewhat modified with age, but it all remains the same, really.
French Fries: THEN, Any fast food variety, covered in ketchup...or ranch NOW, Sweet Potato Fries. especially hand cut ones, baked. YUMM
Pizza:THEN, exactly as above. maybe a meatlovers, or add some mushrooms.

NOW, Exactly as above basically. I love white pizza (...oh the racism jokes that ensue), I no longer eat meat, and the flatbread variety is VERY tasty!

Mac and Cheese:THEN, the blue box of childhood. Not gonna lie, that blue box still is EXACTLY what I want still to this day, sometimes. Nothing like soggy noddles and powdered cheese like stuff. with lots of butter.
NOW, Baked mac and cheese. usually with a cheese other than cheddar. A mixture of cheeses really. and always cayanne spinkled in. or creole seasoning. And then, if I am feeling guilty, it becomes vegan. oh life.
Potato Chips:
THEN, just something to crunch on. The more neon, the more taste. Duh.

NOW, I am ADDICTED to kettle chips, first off. Second I love the salt and pepper variety the best. Third, to make me more of a dork, I usually get them in the 'baked' variety cause they are always a little burnt...and I like that.

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