Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goals: I shall keep you updated on my progress!

I have offically decided, I am going to Learn Italian. Don't ask why Italian...doesn't seem practical. I can list languages that would be a lot more practical:

French: Because I took 3 years in High School
Spanish: Because of the Mexican populatoin in the United States
German: Because I plan on visiting Kristen, and will be absolutely lost
Chinese: Because I plan on visiting Dennis, and will be absolutely lost. And it would just be COOL to talk in Chinese with him. and my mom.

..and yet, I am still going with Italian. *Shrugs*

I begin my journey today with a trip to the library. I figure, since I am usually very uninclined to learning languages, I shall get the books in the childrens section. They have sound recordings to teach your baby and young children, and then childrens books like Little Red Riding Hood in Italian. THEN I shall move on to the beginners guides in the Adult section. ALLLL baby steps.

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