Monday, August 31, 2009


*And deep sigh of relief, right now.*

Whenever people would go into the talks of 'remember this television show? or remember that theme song?' being all nostalgic as if we were children not simply 10-15 years ago, but more along the lines of 50, I would always mention a certian show. My hopes was that SOMEONE, beyond myself, would remember it. NO ONE ever did. NO ONE. I could explain only a few details.

1) it took place in a department store
2) there was a mouse
3) there was a mannequin
4) that said mannequin came to life

...and that was it. I got crazy looks left and right, and in the end, began to think...well, maybe it was a dream I had. I dont remember it being a show I watched all the time, but I remember sitting down with my cousin Kari to watch it here and there. My only little spark of hope was that it was a Canadian show, being that we lived in Maine and got all the Canandian shows/channels, and that is why no one else I ever spoke to knew it.

I goggled. I searched. I asked my mom. Nothing.

and then, today. I was vindicated. I am NOT crazy.

I was scanning the blog 'Crap We Like' and all of a sudden, there it was. I about fainted.


  1. It sounds magnificent. I love that you have a blog, and now I am going to blog-stalk you. Mmmkay?

  2. Let the Stalking commence.


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