Friday, June 15, 2012

I was told I look 'TOO FANCY' today...

daily outfit

daily outfit goldstream valley
Ohh to be back in Fairbanks. See, that is what I have been doing in the oh...over a months span of time since I last posted. I have been moving (more on that amazing trip in a later post, I promise!) And since getting back, my life has been pretty busy! Finding a new cabin, moving into said cabin, ALWAYS on the look out for chairs for my place (a girl can dream of having places to sit in her home...), then not to mention the amazing shows i have been dragging myself out to (Fairbanks really does have such a warm and talented music scene!). OH! and then I went on a little side trip... and got sick as a dog! So now, in the recovery park of the journey, I decided I should get back to business. This and the fact that while out to get falafel today (back just over 2 weeks? eaten at the falafel stand... 3, 4 times?) Anyway, at the falafel stand, i was told i looked too fancy to be living in Fairbanks... The lady just doesn't realize the fancy underbelly Fairbanks has to offer :D
Daily outfit
Daily outfit back

Dress: Goodwill $6
Belt: Dump? (had forever... not sure really. But it is Lands End Originally)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Value Village Find
Sunglasses: One of the last items bought at Buffalo Exchange before leaving Minneapolis...

outfit detailsrunning away
Daily Outfit laugh

Oh man, Can you tell from my rambling that I have a bunch to share with you all!? I am jazzed by the amount of posts I have lined up! Get ready!

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