Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo An Hour: A June Sunday

Photo an hour. I was skeptical if this would work for me, but I will say, I plan on doing one a month. Why? Because it taught me a lot about how I use my time, for starters. I mean, i am sure it depends on the day, but looking at my photos I realized my life revolves around two things: Food, and Junk (dump, thrift). Am I okay with this? Somewhat. Do I want to do a Photo an hour that starts at noon and goes until 10 or so at night? I think that would be a good contrast. But, Overall I know I want more outside in my photos... and less food? No who am I kidding... the food is staying.

8:45 am: French Press Coffee to start the day. Oh Coffee, I love thee so much.

french press coffee

9:45 am: And, now the food starts. I love sitting on the porch in the morning eating breakfast, or drinking coffee. I don't have a big porch, and have a single chair on it, but man, in the morning with the sun shinning, there is nary a mosquito, and living in the valley, that is something to be cherished. (Nigel also was super jealous at my attention to anything other than him at this point, so he became a model...)

Cereal and Berry Breakfast
Orange Nigel tabby cat

10:45am: As I am about to head back inside to get clothed and such for the day, I realized I spotted the first Fireweed of the season. Man, I have such a love/hate relationship with spotting Fireweed...I am sure any Alaskan understands.

alaskan fireweed

11:45am: On my way to town, I always make a routine stop at the transfer sites. Though there was quite a bit of large furniture, someone has also cleaned out Christmas supplies leaving boxes upon boxes of pretty color laying around

Christmas ornaments

12:45pm: SOLSTICE of everything I take a picture of what? The Hot Licks Ice Cream Truck. Later in the day ( not pictured) I def. got some Earl Grey Ice Cream. new favorite flavor? Easily.

Hot Licks Ice cream

1:45pm: Still at the solstice fair, Nick and I discover that we are sporting AWESOME blue Slush Puppie tongues. Keepin' it Classy 24/7.

Slush Puppie Tongue

2:45pm: Next excursion! On our way to Value Village, there isn't much interesting in the car... But I had on a sweet yellow sundress, and I always want to carry a worn leather purse. 

Yellow Sundress

3:45pm: Oh man. Value Village makes me so happy. I now can live the dream of being big bird. ALL THE TIME.

Big Bird Feet

4:45pm: Scrambling to get to work, I set up A make shift bed for my sister under my own! BUNK BEDS! I had found two very large furniture cushions earlier at the transfer site, and they fit perfectly in the lower bunk! I love when that happens...

Bunks Beds

...and that is where it ends. From this point on I worked for 5 hours, and then watched True Blood. Coolest lifestyle ever, right?

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