Monday, June 25, 2012

Fancy Favorites #9

Fancy Favorites

Oh, I think I will never lack and in finding little trinkets and Pretty clothing. I also think I am okay with this, b/c simply finding it, and sharing it, I no longer need to OWN it (not to discourage ANYONE from ever buying me lovely things I post.. AHEM).

Start with this Amazing dress from LuLu's which, granted would probably not fit my chest, but oh a girl can dream..

Then, someone got so smart and decided to mix Playing with your food and WAFFLES. Genius. I want to marry that person. instantly.

The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess once again pulled out a Rad DIY. I am now trying to decide how to make this DIY suitable to me and my style...hmm...

I see nothing wrong at ALL with Elycia's Birthday Outfit she posted. I would like one for my birthday as well, Esp. that dress and those shoes. MEOW.

And, I have been scouring thrift stores for a good Denim Jacket. This American Eagle one is just so wonderful and classic. I'll keep scouting...

Finally, in this clothes heavy edition of fancy favorites, these shorts from Modcloth are just divine. I love a good pair of shorts. Think about these babies with so many different tight color combinations under them. Swoon.

Okay, I promise for more art, crafts, pictures, and fancy things OTHER than clothing next time guys. really.

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