Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ramblings: Coming to terms

The act of picking up this long forgotten blog and putting a lot of me out there to the world hits me from all angles. The blogs I personally follow are great. From fashion inspiration, to the people who truly pour their hearts out for others online, I appreciate every single blog (I mean, otherwise I wouldn't follow them!) 

Now, starting this blog back up....adding fashion posts, DIY posts, sharing things I like, putting it all out there, snippets of my life, my mood, my brain, my adventures, I love doing it, but I get these brief moments...little 5 minute panic attacks....where I go 'shit! no! These are MINE! these thoughts, these feelings, ideas, pictures, outfits, tantrums, ramblings...these are mine! no one else's! Hurry, take them all down, before anyone can steal them! (and really it isn't is honestly, 'before anyone can read/see/judge/misinterpret them!') I have grown up in the world of the internet,for the most part, and yet, every once in a while when I think about having a blog, being on facebook, sharing instagram photos, being on twitter....all of it...I just want to burn it all to the ground.  It is such a mixed bag. What gives ME the right to put fill all this internet space with things all about me, what gives me the right to think others want to know such menial aspects of my simple life? Another fleeting thought that happen in the same vain a lot: Can I shop at the dump for clothing and food, talk about loving wood fired stoves, dream of living back in my water-less cabin in Alaska, be 'one with nature' and still be SO technologically connected? Don't those contradict each other? (and no, they really don't....but in my mind, is one or the other, my mind says I HAVE to pick)

...I am still finding my footing with the newly vamped blog. There are so many great examples out there, and I need to figure out what my place among all them is... I am sure my place is just doing exactly what I want, and being exactly who I want to be, but I am also sure it will take me a while to figure that out :)

For some WONDERFUL, HONEST writing about managing being an online presence, your home life, ethical issues, and the such Please take a look at Little Chief HoneyBee's : Honest-To-Blog Series. 

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