Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inaugural Fancy Favorites

Campy Attributes Fancy Finds

I come across beautiful, interesting, funny, smart, (I could go on and on) things in life and on the internet ('Cause the internet is NOT life...) everyday. I decided once a week (or so...) I am going to share them with you all! I call them my 'Fancy Finds' and though I will try and keep it to a schedule, my life, generally, just doesn't work like that! But without further ado...

This outfit. I just love the colors, and I think I like the idea that it is something I wouldn't normally wear. I mean, really beyond some black work slacks, I don't even own pants that aren't jeans...You Should go  check out more of Virginie's Outfits on her blog!

Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky showed off this frickin' sweet watermelon skirt that she made. I probably should own (and learn to use...) a sewing machine quite soon.

All I  can say is that this is a pretty sweet one piece. Oh Anthropologie, if I had money....

Can we talk about how great it is that Blogger Kaylah at The Dainty Squid has knuckle tattoo's that read 'Cat Lady'!?!?

And finally this little lace number from Zara. I mean, it is short, feminine, and green lace. I couldn't NOT want it.

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