Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fashion: I have decided...

I love clothes. And not in that, I have to have the best names brands, and wonderful in the NOW fashions kind of way. I jsut love the way someone can express themselves through clothing. It is amazing. You could give 10 people the same 10 articles of clothing, and not only will you come up with 10 different combinations, but even, by chance, if two people picked the exact same combination and wore them the same exact way on their frames, they would STILL look completely different because of how they would lay on their bodies. that to me is art. really. I love it. I am truly un satisfied a good portion of them time when I cannot pull together an outfit that makes me happy, or that lacks creativity, or that looks polished, or that looks unpolished because it should, or what have you. I love seeing what other people own, and how they wear it, and why it makes them who they are. I love clothing and the art of wearing them.

I think, on that note, I may start taking picture of my friends when they wear amazing combinations. That is one thing I love about my friends, they all wear very different fashions, and all pull it off so wonderfully. I may add strangers to this list too...Yes, I shall.

Now, I wont even begin to pretend I know what good fashion is, but I will treat it as I treat art...I like what I like, and really, is there anything more important than that?

I also think I am going to try my hardest not to post or talk about those clothing styles or looks that I do NOT like...because I am sure there is someone who can counter me, easily. Not everything is for everyone. Now this being said, I am SUPER judgemental, and I am sure it will slip in...

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  1. Have you checked out Urbanoutfitter's or Freepeople's websites? They regularly re-make classic, easy to find vintage pieces, and so you can steal outfit ideas from their stores online pretty easily. Do it.


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