Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ramblings: WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME!?!??!!??!

I feel the great urge to run out, this very second, and see if I can still, somewhere, buy a clove. I love cloves. They are my go to. By no means have I ever been a regular smoker, but a nice Djarum Black hit the spot here and there with a good drink. I actually thought about purchasing a pack this past weekend, and now, I find out, as of TODAY I can't?!?

I want to take this moment to think about the memories I had with my cloves: The first time I tried one Sophomore year of college at Fort Hill; All the friends I made-3-4 drinks in- when I would pull out a pack; the light that would sparkle in peoples eyes when I offered them one; sitting outside my VISTA PSO smoking one of two with my now awesome buddy Tim Long; Kara lighting her Cigars and me having a couple cloves and sharing our recent days on the back porch in Cola; Sharing that same back porch for long talks with Coffee house Josh over multiple multiple cigs and cloves; 'Are those cloves? Outstanding! Can I bum one? No.'; Angry Kyle emphatically reaching over a banister at Kelley's to puff on the clove in my hand and exclaim that is was 'like candy!'; Craving them terribly on my way to visit Tim in Charlotte, and breaking down to buy an entire carton; Finishing the last clove from my carton this past VISTA Leader training in Denver with a fellow VISTA Leader; The sweet taste that lingered on your lips; my experiment to find out if you could taste clove on other people's lips without smoking one yourself...OH, I COULD GO ON

...I feel like part of me is dying. hard.

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