Wednesday, February 26, 2014

mind venting for $200

Guys, GUYS. I got random shit on my mind, so here we go:

One: Let's talk about guy/girl friendships. These friendships growing up were my FAVORITE friendships. It just seemed easier. To this day, I am still way more relaxed around guys than girls, more at ease, etc. Unless I have a crush. Then I'm a bumbling idiot who apparently talks about sheet forts. Here's the thing though, as you get older, marking that initial friendship with the opposite sex is HARD AS FUCK.
See, I have moved a good deal. and in my newest venture especially, I have come across many times guys rebuffing me, or at least a few times interpreting my forthright nature as hitting on them. and it sucks. a lot. I want to outright say, DUDE listen. If I had any sort of crush on you, I probably would be too timid to talk to you , let alone outright ask to hang out. so just chillllll. I even have gone the path of thinking, sweet! That dude has a girlfriend. Safe zone.  I can totally ask him to hang out, and since he is already taken, and he KNOWS I know that, this wont be misconstrued. NOPE. Apparently every male (almost) things an invitation to go grab a drink, hike, or do something active of any kind while hanging out means I want in their pants. It may be the most frustrating thing I have encountered in my adult life. (It's definitely not).  I just don't get how a girls supposed to make friends dude. let me in on the secret. Do *I* have to have a bf to not be seen as threatening? BULLSHIT.

Two: it's already almost March, what the what?! I am starting to plan out my spring/summer months. I am *considering* Bonnaroo. If I can get a volunteer spot not with clean vibes, I think I will. I mean, I just cant imagine passing up Lauryn Hill. Oh god, and then she calls out special guest D'angelo and I have to take a moment and just breathe. Otherwise, my cousins wedding on the San Juan Islands in July, and a jaunt up to Alaska after that (I see myself buying tickets end of march, and I am STOKED.)  I also turn 29 this year which means I have to get my ass in GEAR on some of these 30 before 30 items. and getting to the South West as I want to complete all 50 states by 30. When that happens this year I'm not too sure yet... though I want it to happen RIGHT NOW.  AND another winter has gone by that I didn't make it back to Hawai'i, and that makes me sad. Will 2014/15 be that year? *shrugs*

Three: I AM SO READY FOR HIKING. and ADVENTURES. and CAMPING. and.... yeah. So ready for the warmer weather. I can't wait to see what Asheville has to offer. I am trying to step outta my comfort zone in a lot of ways too, try new activities, etc. we shall see.

Alright, little mind clearing. Sorry it's been almost 2 months since the last post. It happens y'all.

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