Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures!: Mexico and SXSW

Alaska Adventures

The countdown is on! I have 10 days until I hop on a plane and head to Yogurtland! Then, after Yogurtland, I get to Hope on a few more planes, and enter the land of Mexico! I am flying into Guadalajara, and making my way about 45 minutes south to the town of Ajijic. My family meets me down there only a few hours later, giving me some one on one time with my grandmother (NiNi).

After a few days, Trista and Scott (Alaskan friends!) who happen to be down in Mexico the same time, are gonna scoot on over and spend a day or two in the area, meet the family, love life, the usual.

After leaving Mexico I will be heading up to Austin to attend SXSW with a bunch of other Alaskan friends! YAY travel! I will be hanging with these fine babes for a week, and then heading back to Fairbanks...but only for about 12 days... b/c you know what? I have MORE TRAVELS PLANNED. Man o Man, I'll filly in later :D

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