Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion: Chambray dreams

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Im at this weird post where I am getting back into a good healthy gym routine, and trying to eat a little better, and so I feel like I don't have any clothing in my closet. By this I mean, it all technically still fits me, but most of it doesn't fit optimally. Stuff is either a little too snug, or a little too loose (as I bought things when I was not at MY optimal).  Then there is the pile at the top of my closet that all fit me once...but looks ridiculous on me currently. Oh to be a clothes whore...

Snow stripes photo IMG_1340_zpsa810684a.jpg

So, here we have a half-assed outfit. It was comfy, it didn't look TOO ridiculous on my body, and the t-shirt and shorts were only slightly too small for me. This counts as fashion, right?
jelly photo IMG_1344_zpsd2ab01d5.jpg photo fae06e66-2292-44e3-8801-da21f1c31764_zpse958f2f8.jpg
Chambray top: Buffalo Exchange
T-shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy (hemmed)
Tights: Freds
Socks: Gift
Boots: LL Bean (gift)

 photo IMG_1366_zps868a4be1.jpgnavy tights photo IMG_1365_zps8e5b2d33.jpg
As the weather slowly lightens, and my body load lightens as well, I promise a more fashion conscious Katie, b/c who am I kidding, I love wearing ridiculous outfits that make no sense in my surroundings. That is when I'm not in tight charlie pants.

Nautical stripes photo IMG_1354_zpsd6ce6e41.jpg

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  1. I've had Chambray on the brain lately, so happy to see this post! Also, I love your wording of clothes that do or do not fit "optimally". I can relate...


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