Sunday, February 10, 2013

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mountains, clouds, currently, alaska

I shall be leaving feb. 28th for over 2 months, and I am stoked.

All the plans are still coming together but currently I know I will be in mexico for 11 days with family, then 9 days in Austin for SXSW. From there I am planning out two separate options, and shall see which one comes to fruition. Either way, I will be out of Fairbanks until Mid-May and couldn't be more exited.  To come back to Fairbanks in Mid-May is perfect... time for summer, hiking, and all the glory that that summer in Alaska has to offer! As plans come together, I shall, of course, keep you updated!

In the Meantime, check out my Etsy Shop and please pass it along to friends!  I have a bunch of stuff to sell, and the more I sell, the less I have to pack up :D

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