Thursday, August 2, 2012

Campy Attributes Currently

WORKING ON: Getting back on track... After a July filled with traveling to South Carolina, My mom and sister traveling up to Alaska, and then capping it all off with Traveling to the Southern area of Alaska for 4 days, I am desperately working on getting back into a groove of routine, money stabilization, and mindset. We shall see how that all goes...

THINKING ABOUT: What comes next. ALL THE TIME. It is a constant game of ordering this for me. First pay off credit card debt (again). Then start looking at houses. or wait, start figuring out what a 'real job' for Kface might look like. Then Acquiring said Job. Then looking at property? Oh and the whole making sure I balance life in general and friends and my boyfriend. Yes, all this must be balanced. Gesh.

ANTICIPATING: Currently, Ruckus coming home to Fairbanks (Yay!) and The Avett Brothers concert in Late August. Man, both those things make me pretty happy!

LISTENING TO: Lots of Avett Brothers to amp myself up, as well as checking out the new Frank Ocean, some Kimbra, and Beyonce. Always Beyonce.

EATING: TERRIBLE My days are a constant downhill struggle, haha. I start with smoothies and delish cold press, and tasty bagels, or something of the such. But my night fall I am downing my body weight in dairy milk and buffalo dip with chips, with a cold beer to wash it all down...

THANKFUL FOR: Being back in Alaska. And the amazing friends I have here. And the creativity I am allowed. And a super, super, super supportive cast of characters.

PLANNING FOR: My big move. and I have so many of them hidden away...(I mean, Large life decisions are all within a year reach of o man.)

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