Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

So, the other day I found this amazing painting at the Local Salvation Army.  Even the frame was bomb. SO, being the awesome Girlfriend I am, I decided Nick needed some new art work in his cabin (plus he needs MORE artwork in his cabin, b/c those walls are BARE. and Echo-y) 

DIY Wall Art

                   ***LOOK AT ALL THE DETAILS ON THIS BEAUTY!***
DIY Wall ArtDIY Wall Art

I decided upon an inside joke word that a friend has with Nick and I, and got to taping. Now, I forgot to take the image AFTER simply taping, but I simply cut/ripped Frog Painters tape to achieve the Block lettering you see below, and stick it directly to the canvas. 

Next I took some acrylic white paint, and a sponge brush and painted out the thinnest layer of white I could, so that you wouldn't totally lose the awesome picture int he background, but that so the AHOY in the middle would POP. 

If you find that you cant get the white thin enough to your liking, you can do as I did, and use a washcloth or rag and gently wipe over it before it is dry so that it spreads and thins out the paint even more.

After the paint has dried, simply gingerly remove the painters tape from your canvas and expose the original painting underneath!

In person, i decided that the AHOY didn't pop enough on its own, so I outlined the letters in a gray sharpie, which sadly does not look great in the picture, but very much looks great in person. Believe me, i tired to take photo after photo to show this result....but, NOPE.
DIY Wall Art

So there you have it, a personalized CHEAP (the painting and frame cost me $2.00; every other supply I already had laying around my house) as i was saying, personalized and CHEAP piece of wall decor. Isn't Nick just the luckiest?

(Idea Sourced from A Beautiful Mess. Man, if Only it was an original thought....)

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