Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh lord I need a day off

As I write this, I am tired. Like, really deliciously tired. Why am I not sleeping then? No idea. My eyes hurt. I have to work a double tomorrow, and yet, here I am writing. Why? Well, most likely it is because when this tired hits, so do the rambling thoughts. And what better time to write a blog post than when the rambling thoughts are in full force, yes?

Slowly, as I have spoke of, I am converting this space in to a more thoughtful space. Not a fashion, DIY, 'hey look at me!' space, but a fashion, DIY, 'hey look at me being THOUGHTFUL' space. total difference.

I came to a realization, that technically I already knew, but sometimes it is the correct voicing of said realizations that hit the nail on the head. I was talking with a friend the other day, and I spoke of how much travel means to me. Which, FYI, it's a lot. Whenever I get in a funk, or starting dreaming of the future, my thoughts always first go to my next 'move' or adventure. Currently I have thoughts of more volunteering at music festivals this summer, or going to AK for a wedding in July, or moving to Portland/west coast this fall, or going to the Big Island of Hawaii again this winter. This is just the tip of it too. These are the big things. B/c then I move onto smaller thoughts of day trips to go hiking, and weekend camping getaways into the NC mountains, or traveling to Savannah, GA to eat delicious food just for an afternoon.

All these things, these are the things that make me tick. Make me happy. That exploring. And if I had all of these things, I know deep down that a life of working as a barista and server, of thrifting for fun and selling stuff on Etsy just to let me continue thrifting in exchange, of having a small flat, all this.... this would be a perfectly acceptable life. But the key to all this? The partner in crime. All the trips and travels, I want that person that hops into the car with me on a days notice and goes to Wilmington, b/c we never have been and its only 3 hours away.  Who plans Hawaii, AK, and a west coast wedding all in the same 6 months time span. Whose job doesn't define them, or hold them back from living life outside their job.

I knew all this, but it is saying it aloud, that really does the trick. As I get older, and constantly meet new people, I remember how much I really like meeting new people. Man you have to sift through a ton of crappy people to find good ones, but, uhm... WORTH IT.  So how bout I keep meeting new fun people, and one of them fits this mold, mmk? But preferably, can I do this outside of South Carolina? kthanx.

ps. I promise more pictures in blog posts. But when the rants come, you just cant prepare to have 'life decision' photos waiting in the wings.

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