Thursday, November 15, 2012

Such a Grown-up!

homemade Welcome to Mid-November! So exciting, right? Even more exciting is all the little changes I have been making to this blog and my Etsy shop! First off, I now am at Balla' right?! It makes me feel like a grown-up, basically. With this change came the fact that I consolidated all my online naming, and changed the name of my Etsy Shop to 'Campy Attributes' as well! I just felt that if I am going to have so much online presence, that I should make it a tad bit less confusing, and just try and keep things a little more ...together? cohesive?


Okay, so...even more exciting is the fact that I have am currently adding a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy Store ( and that includes DRESSES! I have decided to finally take that plunge into clothing on Etsy, so wish me luck all! I think it is all pretty darn fun, hopefully all those out in the world will agree!

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