Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fashion: Recent Discovery!

I recently came across the blog 'What I Wore' and have started to love it.
My favorite outfits so far ( she takes a picture everyday kids...)

As I have proclaimed before, I love clothing. I think it is art. I recently decided I need to start doing more about that...but it is hard now that I am living out of 3 suitcases and most my wordrobe is in storage.

BUT, I decided, my first resolution I suppose, is to give all my clothing a second life, before thrift storing it.

Example. I have a sweater that I would wear here and there, and just decided finally, it is not flattering. It just isnt. So I was going to send it away to the thrift store pile.

Then I decided, well...why not try to snaze it up first? So I gave it a go and made it a cardigan instead.

I began this process last night. It has left me realizing three things: A) I need to do this to all my clothes for sure. I feel like I have a new piece of clothing, and that is too fun. B) even if I grow to not like this new piece, It has gotten a second run for at least two or three more wears... and C) I need to own a sewing machine, for faster and CLEANER appareal. As for this cardigan, I like it, it doesnt need to look well stiched/clean b/c it already had a busy pattern, and it adds to the appeal. But in the future, and simply to get more wear our of my clothing in general (mending things, fixing hems, etc) I should own a sewing machine. Fact.

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