Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashion: Two for One

Fashion, ootd

Between all the works shifts (where I get to wear the EVER fashionable Khaki shorts and navy blue t-shirt), and it being so deathly hot that I stick to jorts and plain tank tops so that I don't die (and so that all my sweat doesn't show up too bad) I hardly ever actually get 'Dressed'.  Over the past week though guys... I GOT DRESSED. TWICE. I mean, this is BIG, BIG stuff. I made a point to document each time, b/ yes it REALLY IS A BIG DEAL. and, well, b/c i havent done a 'fashion' post in a while...

 photo IMG_1907_zps9b4bb096.jpg
 photo IMG_1900_zps5842ec09.jpg photo IMG_1892_zps0cf11c49.jpg
 photo IMG_1908_zps2cb57a8f.jpg photo 569356a0-751a-497f-a4ef-65dfe5ebf5a9_zpsf0edfa23.jpg
 photo IMG_1890_zpsf9ce2f5c.jpg photo IMG_1888_zps5995ecee.jpg
Dress: Forever21 (thrifted in  SF bay area for $5)
Sandals: Old Navy (from years ago)
Belt: (who knows? dump?)
Sunglasses: Wal-mart, $5.00
Sunglasses chain: Dollar store, bitches
Bow: ?

 photo IMG_1872_zps852a0d82.jpg photo IMG_1829_zps3e62fa69.jpg
 photo IMG_1851_zps0a2042a7.jpg
 photo IMG_1816_zps9d138415.jpg photo IMG_1806_zps31cf5506.jpg
 photo IMG_1879_zpse5b234aa.jpg photo IMG_1882_zpsc7de4c3a.jpg
Dress (worn as shirt): Forever21 (bought at goodwill for $5.99)
Jean Skirt: DIYed from floor length, dump find
Belt: dump? Value village?
Sunglasses/chain: see above
Flip Flops: Rainbows I've had since high school, originally $40.00

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