Monday, January 25, 2010

Share: More random catch-up, what can I say?

I love how vibrant this is. And that it is by a ramshackled bookcase.

I have decided that turquoise in a kitchen, with the bright red is AWESOME. I think there is too much turquoise in this example, but that they are wonderful to play off each other.

I, in the same respect, love how understanded this is.

This picture simply brought me back to how much I once (and seeing this still have that longing a little bit) wanted to live in a loft area. with bricks as such. sigh* (yes, I know it is the Gossip Girl loft...)

I simply love the richness of these couches

I simply like the interplay of the colors with the simplicity and earthiness. yepp. House Of Turquoise

I stumbled upon this quote today. and ready it. and liked it a lot, because it is something I constantly struggle with, liking what someone else does, and wanting to do it on my own accord. What is funny, as I read it, is the mentioning of Jean-Luc Godard, being that I just finished watching the film 'Breathless' by him, and immediately have netflixed about 4 others to follow up. Wierd how things enter your life, and make sure you notice them.

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